[[caption-width-right:203:This also includes the Seltzer and Friedberg saga.]]

->''Some sagas just won't die.''
--> -- The {{tagline}}

2010 film by SeltzerAndFriedberg, and the first one to concentrate of parodying a single franchise, rather than the usual system of parodying a [[Film/ScaryMovie single genre]] or just parodying [[Film/DisasterMovie everything they could]] [[Film/EpicMovie think of]]. As usual, the film is pretty trope-heavy, with most of them being {{lampshade|Hanging}}d.

The film is a parody of the Literature/{{Twilight}} saga, and was fairly successful at the box office, perhaps indicating that if there's one thing the public loves to mock more than SeltzerAndFriedberg, it's ''Twilight''. While most critics panned the film overall, many of them noted that Jenn Proske's [[DullSurprise dull-eyed]] Creator/KristenStewart impression almost saves it. In early 2011, the film also earned the distinct honor of competing with ''Twilight'' '''itself''' for ''four'' UsefulNotes/{{Golden Raspberry Award}}s, including Worst Picture.

Not to be confused with YourVampiresSuck. ''Definitely'' not to be confused with the ''other'' Vampire parody, ''Suck: Vampires Rock''.

!!This film contains examples of:

* AdvertisedExtra: Notice how "Lady Gaga" is on the cover of the movie itself (the page picture above). She (or rather an actress playing her) appears for a single throwaway joke ''that's actually in the trailer almost in its entirety''.
* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Becca can rip her father's (real biological) moustache off. It comes off in one piece, leaving behind a moustache-shaped injury
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: PlayedForLaughs.
* BatterUp[=/=]OffWithHisHead: Edward, to [[strike: James]] Jack.
* BeardOfSorrow
* BetterThanABareBulb: Pretty much every single trope to be played straight in the Twilight Saga is {{lampshade|Hanging}}d in this.
* BlackComedy: Edward at one point is forced to juggle an apple, a bowling ball and a baby before he catches them in Becca's bag, with the baby landing in second place. MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext, to be honest.
* BlatantLies: The trailers actually went so far as to ''make up acclaiming reviews'' by "reviewers" with {{punny name}}s such as "Oliver Klozeoff".
* BookEnds and/or {{Flashback}}: Like the ''Twilight'' films, the film starts with a scene from later on. Here, though, it's played for laughs.
-->'''Becca's narration''': Oh, wait, you've already seen this bit.
** There's a hard zoom on Becca's mouth at the beginning and end.
* ButtMonkey:
** Becca's father. [[EpicFail The guy in a wheelchair can kick his ass.]]
** Becca herself. She gets violently picked on first day at school, gets bricks falling down on her when in her room and Jennifer throws a champange bottle in her face while screaming "bitch!"
* CampGay: The werewolves (except Jacob).
* CompressedAdaptation: covering ''Twilight'' and ''New Moon''.
* {{Dominatrix}}: Becca dresses in this outfit at one point.
* DontExplainTheJoke: The BlackEyedPeas joke was ActuallyPrettyFunny until the James expy spelled it out and deconstructed it.
* EatingTheEyeCandy: Jacob's first ShirtlessScene.
* EmoTeen: Lampshaded constantly.
* FanDisservice
--> '''Edward''': The only thing that doesn't stop aging is your ass. [[{{Foreshadowing}} It gets pretty wrinkly down there...]]
* FanService:
** Lampshaded by Jacob.
-->'''Becca''': Why'd you take your shirt off?\\
'''Jacob''': It's in my contract ''[[AsideGlance [gives camera unimpressed look]]]''
** Played straight with [[FemaleGaze Edward's exposing scene]].
** And [[MaleGaze Becca in the leather dominatrix outfit]].
* GangstaStyle: "I'm a killer!"
* GrossUpCloseUp:
** When Edward uses [[ParodyNames Derric]] as a HumanShield, there are some [[{{Squick}} disturbing]] close-ups of his injuries.
** Edward's naked, 109-year-old butt. It takes up the entire frame. ''Twice''.
* HammerSpace: Becca's backpack
* HandOrObjectUnderwear: The infamous sparkly vampires of ''Twilight'' are parodied by Edward having a [[RuleOfFunny disco ball]] covering his, [[StealthPun um...]]
* HowWeGotHere: The opening.
* KarmicDeath: At the end of the movie, a Jacob fangirl kills Edward, only to die by a vampirized-just-then Becca.
* KryptoniteProofSuit: SPF 500 sunscreen. It's the freakin' page picture.
* NextSundayAD
* NoFourthWall: See FanService above.
* ParodyNames: Pretty much everyone.
* ProductPlacement: All over the place, though BlandNameProduct also comes up.
* ProtagonistCentredMorality: Edward's "keep Bella safe at all costs" attitude in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' is parodied by giving him a tendency to actively put random people in harm's way every time Becca is threatened. ''[[InsaneTrollLogic Including Becca herself]]''.
* RedundantParody: The lampshade on Jacob's constant shirtlessness? The ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' movies already did that, several times.
* RomanticVampireBoy: As with everything else parodied an PlayedForLaughs
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: They obey multiple vampire 'rules', but only the ones that can be played for laughs at the time.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Some of them are actually chihuahuas...
* RuleOfFunny: The only reason why ''anything'' happens in this movie.
* ShoutOut:
** In addition to the entire plot being based off of the ''Twilight Saga'', there are also references to ''Literature/AliceInWonderland'', ''JerseyShore'', ''TheVampireDiaries'', ''Series/TrueBlood'', ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', ''WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'' Music/LadyGaga, and the BlackEyedPeas.
** The Team Edward vs. Team Jacob fight is a ShoutOut to ''Twilight'''s infamous FanDumb.
* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: "Team Jacob, bitch!"
* VisualPun: When the Chinese takeout guy is sacrificed so Edward can get Becca out of there.
--> Edward: "[[DontExplainTheJoke Hurry! They'll be hungry again in half an hour!]]"
* WarmBloodbagsAreEverywhere: Again, played for laughs.
* YourVampiresSuck: ''Obviously''.