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[[caption-width-right:350:Those aren't [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters even all the main characters]].]]

A 2010 ensemble RomanticComedy film directed by Creator/GarryMarshall.

Released just before [[TitleDrop Valentine's Day]], the film boasts an AllStarCast consisting of Creator/JuliaRoberts, Creator/JamieFoxx, Creator/JessicaBiel, Creator/JessicaAlba, Creator/BradleyCooper, Music/TaylorSwift, Hector Elizondo, Creator/AshtonKutcher, Music/QueenLatifah, Creator/KathyBates, Creator/JenniferGarner, and [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters many, many more]]. Basically, the film follows the intersecting events of various characters, all taking place on the titular day. There's Reed (Kutcher), the hopelessly romantic florist proposing to his girlfriend (Alba). There's Julia (Garner), head-over-heels for a handsome doctor (Patrick Dempsey). Jason's (Topher Grace) just starting to fall for his new girlfriend, Liz (Creator/AnneHathaway). Meanwhile Edison (Bryce Robinson) has a crush on a girl at school. His grandparents, Edgar (Elizondo) and Estelle (Creator/ShirleyMacLaine) are getting ready to renew their vows. Kara (Biel) has sworn off love, while Sean Jackson (Eric Dane) is facing the end of a relationship and possibly the end of his career.

Nobody's Valentine's quite goes as planned. The flowers don't always reach their intended target, some relationships end, but others [[IncrediblyLamePun blossom]]. The film also does a good job of weaving the various plots together, and while not all the stories overlap, they form an overall mosaic much the same as the earlier ''LoveActually.'' Has a pair of {{Sequel}}s[=/=]{{Spiritual Successor}}s, ''Film/NewYearsEve'' (2011) and ''Mother's Day'' (2016).

The movie definitely veers into chick flick territory, but the all-star actors give credible performances to prevent it from becoming too [[TastesLikeDiabetes saccharine]]. The film's various allusions to its actors and its awareness of various RomCom tropes make it highly enjoyable.
!!This film provides examples of:

* AdvertisedExtra:
** Music/TaylorSwift and Creator/TaylorLautner. A huge chunk of the advertising for this movie had "starring Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner" and a good chunk of the time didn't even mention any of the other actors in the film (and their then RealLife romance didn't help matters). The two have maybe three scenes in the film and are pretty extraneous.
** Creator/JessicaAlba also has hardly any screen time. [[spoiler: And she plays one of the very few characters who ''isn't'' with somebody at the end.]]
* TheBeautifulElite: Nearly everyone in the huge cast is absurdly pretty.
* BigDamnKiss:
** Reed (Kutcher) and Julia (Garner) try for this. [[SubvertedTrope It ends up being really awkward.]] But then they talk about it and try again, and this time [[DoublySubverted the music swells.]]
** Kara (Biel) and Kelvin (Foxx) gets one because they were kissing in front of a Green Screen, [[InvokedTrope and Kelvin's coworkers changed the background to a sunset.]]
* ButNotTooGay: [[spoiler: Sean (Dane) and Holden (Cooper) never kiss, even though nearly all of the other couples, including the teenagers, do]].
* TheCameo: Yes, that's Joe Mantegna who almost gets hit by Kutcher's van.
* DuetBonding: Kara (Biel) and Kelvin (Jamie Foxx) get one to the tune of "I Will Survive."
* DumbBlonde: Felicia, as played by Taylor Swift, and almost certainly a dig at the way some of the media view her.
* HighSchoolSweethearts: Felicia and Willy parody the concept:
-->'''Male Anchor:''' There you have it, folks. Young love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality.
%% ** Grace and Alex.
* JustFriends: Reed and Julia start out this way.
%% * MagicalNegro: George Lopez's character.
* TheNotLoveInterest: You would think Bradley Cooper and Creator/JuliaRoberts' characters would get to get together. He's actually [[spoiler: Sean Jackson's boyfriend.]]
* OneSteveLimit: Subverted with the cast which consists of two Roberts (Julia Roberts and her niece Emma), two Jessicas (Alba and Biel), and two Taylors (Swift and Lautner), but averted with two Christophers in which neither actor professionally goes by his real first name (Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace).
** The outtakes at the end poke fun at the Taylor and Taylor pairing.
--> '''Swift''': Hey, I'm Taylor.
--> '''Lautner''': and I'm Taylor.
--> '''Swift''': Yeah it's confusing.
--> '''Lautner''': *Laughs*
--> '''Swift''': yeah we know that.
%% * PrecociousCrush: [[spoiler:Edison]]
* {{Sequel}}: Has its own sequel, ''Film/NewYearsEve''. Although really more of a SpiritualSuccessor, as only Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher (out of the main cast) return from ''Valentine's Day'' - in different roles.
** As well as the less-successful ''Mother's Day'', which turned out to be Garry Marshall's last film.
* SpiritualSuccessor: To ''LoveActually''.
* StraightGay: [[spoiler: Football player Sean Jackson and his love interest, Bradley Cooper]], culminating in their getting back together.
* TeacherStudentRomance: [[spoiler:Edison for Julia]]. Unrequited, of course, and she redirects him toward [[spoiler:Rani]].
%% * YourCheatingHeart