''Undisputed'' revolves around [[VillainProtagonist George "Iceman" Chambers]] (Creator/VingRhames), a character obviously modeled after Mike Tyson. The heavyweight boxing champion is sent to prison after being charged with rape. There, his reputation throws him into the world of prison boxing, where a bout is arranged between him and Monroe Hutchen (Creator/WesleySnipes).

!!This film has the examples of:

* BossSubtitles: Every major character gets one, which shows their name and the crime(s) that got them in.
* ConMan: Marvin, who does the commentary during the boxing matches.
* LuxuryPrisonSuite: Mendy's cell.
* TheMafia: Mendy is an old mafia member, and they pull the strings in the background to his whims.
* {{Otaku}}: Mendy has been a big boxing fan through his whole life.
* ShowerScene: Monroe's second encounter with Iceman is in the shower, where he once again tries to insult him.
* TheStoic: Monroe. He's in prison for the only time he lost his cool, that being [[YourCheatingHeart finding his wife in bed with another man]] and killing the guy.
* ThoseWackyNazis: A couple of neo-nazis get their asses kicked.
* WhatAreYouInFor: It is considred rude to ask this among the prisoners. Not long after learning this, Iceman hurls this question at Monroe's manager Ratbag to show his disrespect.