''U Turn'' is a 1997 neo-noir crime thriller film directed by Creator/OliverStone, starring Creator/SeanPenn, Creator/BillyBobThornton, Music/JenniferLopez, Creator/JonVoight, Creator/PowersBoothe, Creator/JoaquinPhoenix, Creator/ClaireDanes and Creator/NickNolte.

A drifter named Bobby (Penn) is on his way to pay off a large debt of $13,000 to a gangster in Las Vegas when his car breaks down, forcing him to drive to the nearest town, Superior, Arizona. While waiting for his car to be fixed by the town mechanic, he wanders around the town where, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

!!This film contains examples of:
* {{Cloudcuckooland}}: Superior, Arizona, the town where Bobby gets stranded, is depicted in this way. The women shown act as femme fatales straight out of a noir film, which might not be bad... if the men didn't act as {{Crazy Jealous Guy}}s. Except the mechanic. He's just nuts (and will do additional work on your car so that he can charge a higher price for the work). Lampshaded by Bobby:
-->'''Bobby:''' Is everyone in this town on drugs?!?
* CrazyJealousGuy:
** Jake punches Bobby after catching him with his wife, then offers him money to kill her.
** The girl who has a crush on Bobby has a jealous boyfriend who ends up beating Bobby up.
* DinerBrawl: Bobby gets beaten up in a diner by a jealous boyfriend who is pissed that his girlfriend has a crush on him. [[HumiliationConga He actually gets beaten up a lot in this movie]].
* EverythingTryingToKillYou: As pointed out by Creator/RogerEbert in his review of the film, during the course of his brief stay in Superior, Arizona, Bobby is kicked in the ribs several dozen times, is almost bitten by a tarantula, shot at, and has his car all but destroyed—and that's all before the final scenes with the vultures circling overhead.
* IgnoreTheFanservice: Among all the other annoying people Bobby encounters is a reasonably attractive local girl (she's played by Creator/ClaireDanes after all) who may or may not be underage (though she certainly acts like it) who keeps throwing herself at him, perhaps as a possible ticket out of town. Even though he keeps rebuffing her, her interest provokes the jealousy of her hotheaded boyfriend, who keeps getting in Bobby's face for it, and ends up causing him problems.
* ShaggyDogStory: Bobby finds himself in a lot of trouble by accident due to a misunderstanding and is just trying to make his way out of a nasty town when he gets the mob onto him. His only exit out is his car, but then it breaks down and he needs to get it fixed. Meanwhile people are trying to kill him, and the girl he falls for turns against him and is out to kill him too. [[spoiler: When the car is finally repaired he finds she stole his keys. Out of desperation to get out of this town he strangles her to death and retrieves the keys. As he lay dying, he finally makes it back to his car to drive off only to find the mechanic who repaired his car duped him and it breaks down again. He resigns himself to his fate.]]