In this RomanticComedy, filandering MillionairePlayboy George Wade (Creator/HughGrant) is the front man for a construction company. He hires GranolaGirl lawyer Lucy Kelson (Creator/SandraBullock), who hates everything George stands for but agrees because it will save her hometown community center. Over the course of a year of working together he begins to rely on her more and more, until he cannot make a single decision without her input. She realizes she's more of a nanny than a legal employee, and gives her titular resignation. That's when the fun really starts...

!!Two Weeks Notice provides examples of:

* BreakAwayPopHit: The Music/CountingCrows cover of "Big Yellow Taxi" is probably much more well-known than this movie, where it debuted.
* FlushingToiletScreamingShower: George, to Howard. Howard knows him well enough to call him off as he's about to do it again.
-->'''Howard''': Why do you always find that so funny?
-->'''George''': It's very hard to say.
* GirlFriday: Although Lucy's job really isn't this, she ends up being the classic GirlFriday for George.
* MistakenForPregnant: Polly. Poor George! He's not falling for that one again...
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Sure, it looks like they're in the men's room, and Lucy is on her knees next to George, unable to get up. Well, OK, that part is true.
* PottyEmergency: Lucy after the tennis match and chili dogs. And the cookies. And the...
* SavingTheOrphanage: This is the reason Lucy agrees to work for Wade in the first place.
* StripPoker: Well, OK, technically June and George are playing strip ''chess''.
* TyopOnTheCover / WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma: Apparently this was the impetus for Lynne Truss to write Literature/EatsShootsAndLeaves, a book about punctuation and the misuse thereof. She saw a poster for this film and noticed, to her horror, that there was no apostrophe after the word "weeks".