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[[caption-width-right:319:[=NOT=] a true story, but who cares!]]
-->'''Taylor''': ''I don't know whether he's a psycho or just crazy.''
-->'''Hardwick''': ''He may be a psycho, but he's definitely not crazy.''
-->-- Referring to Parker

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves in the middle of a major terrorist plot, orchestrated by the power elite. It's up to these ordinary citizens to stop the conspiracy! The fate of the free world hangs in the balance!
!!'''This movie contains examples of:'''

* BadassPreacher: One who won't let getting his ''tongue'' torn out stop his singing.
%%* BMovie
* BlackComedy: A woman is sexually assaulted by an AIDS-ridden man. It leads to ''one of the funniest lines in the film''.
%%* BodyHorror
* CreepyTwins: Creepy ''Siamese'' twins, joined at the head, one with a ''high''-pitched voice, the other with a ''low''-pitched voice. They get separated. With a machete.
* TheDeterminator: Parker is cornered by several terrorists, who proceed to pump so many bullets into him, he's more lead than flesh. ''And he's still alive'', at least until [[TheQuisling Kirkland]] shoots him in the head.
%%* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:Cooney]]
%%* {{Gorn}}
* HandicappedBadass: The blind girl; at first a subversion, but then... "I can still ''hear'' you!"
* KukrisAreKool: Parker. Uses it to cut his enemies' ears off, to make into a necklace. Of human ears. Yeah.
* MoreDakka: ''Ya think?'' At the time(and probably ''still''), the record holder for most bullets fired in a single movie.
%%* NeverMessWithGranny
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Parker is so ''obviously'' based on director Creator/LloydKaufman's old buddy, ''Creator/OliverStone''.
%%* QuirkyMinibossSquad
%%* TheQuisling: Kirkland
* ScreamingWoman: Parodied - she's the first to go.
* TheStinger: "Okay, everyone wave! [[spoiler:Dead people, wave!]]"
* TookALevelInBadass: Pretty much all the heroes, with the exception of [[ShellShockedVeteran Parker]] and [[OvertOperative Marshall]].
* YouAreTheTranslatedForeignWord: A variant - "This is Senor Sida. SIDA is ''our'' word for what your people call ''AIDS''." (Incidentally, SIDA really ''is'' the acronym for the Spanish name for AIDS.)