''Tokyo Zombie'' is a Japanese zombie comedy comparable to ''Film/ShaunOfTheDead'' and ''Film/{{Zombieland}}''.

NextSundayAD in Tokyo a landfill has massively over-grown to become known by the populace as Black Mount Fuji, a place where anyone can go to dump anything they want and not be questioned about it or bother with pesky environmental safety laws. It is also a very popular place to dump bodies (living or dead). Eventually through radiation, the anger of the dead bodies, and mis-dumped recyclables in the landfill, the dead rise again as zombies. The main characters are Mii-chan and Fujio, a couple of Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts who bumble their way through the zombie hordes. Half way through the movie there is a TimeSkip of five years where all the rich people have made a safe zone in the remains of Tokyo and use the poor people they saved from the zombies as slaves. To entertain themselves they host zombie fights; pit matches between various fighters and zombies in which Fujio competes.

Has nothing to do with ''Manga/TokyoGhoul''.
!!This film has the examples of:
* AccidentalMurder: Mii-chan and Fujio's murder of their boss by hitting him on the head with a fire extinguisher. Also serves as a SacrificialLamb.
* AfterTheEnd: "Tokyo died."
* ApocalypseHow: Variable the movie never states how far the ZombieApocalypse spreads. It could be limited to Tokyo alone or Japan, or perhaps it went further we never know so anywhere from a Class 0 to a localized Class 3a. Depending on how you want to view it.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Fujio and Yoko, through the domestic disputes and swearing in front of their little daughter, really do get a cute moment in the end.
* BerserkButton: "He did it to you, didn't he?" - intentionally pressed.
* BoringButPractical: Fujio's use of jiu-jitsu in the zombie fighting area.
** Most likely emphasized because of Brazilian jiu-jitsu's real life reputation for being highly effective, but boring to watch (at least for those who don't practice it themselves).
* CrapsackWorld: Even before the ZombieApocalypse, every single person in the movie was either a pervert, a psychopath, or just ridiculously apathetic.
* {{Jerkass}}: Yoko, and several others.
* GaiasVengeance: Part of the implied cause behind the zombie apocalypse was that we pissed off the spirits of the land.
* HalfwayPlotSwitch: The first half of the movie centers on the main characters trying to escape the zombies on the streets of Tokyo. [[TimeSkip Five years later]], and it's set in a bizarre society controlled by the rich, and Fujio is now a professional 'zombie-wrestler'
* LampshadeHanging: "That made no sense." Seemed to sum up the feelings of everyone watching at the time.
* TheLastDance: Mitsuo took it upon himself to teach Fujio Jujitsu because he was dying of stomach cancer. [[spoiler: Except he wasn't. He had a stress-induced gastrointestinal problem, and basically bullied his doctor into saying it was cancer in a hypochondriac fit.]]
** Becomes a BrickJoke in the second half of the movie. [[spoiler: Mitsuo was bitten by a zombie before the TimeSkip, but at the very end, it's revealed that the zombie in question had dentures, and his hypochondria made him believe he was a zombie despite all signs to the contrary.]]
* SuddenlyVoiced: Fumiyo at the end. "Are you fucking retarded?" are her first official words, after copying her mother. And she's also the narrator for the time skip and at the very end of the film.
* RapeAsBackstory: Fujio has repeated flashbacks to being [[SadistTeacher sexually abused by his teacher]].
* ToiletHumor: "Is it number two... or number one?" "Correct, it's both."
* ZombieApocalypse: Duh.
* ZombieGait: Played straight.