''Tiny Tiptoes'' (better known by the title ''Tiptoes'') is a 2003 drama film starring MatthewMcConaughey as the only normal sized person from a family of little people, Kate Beckinsale as his pregnant fiance who is unaware of this, and GaryOldman in what [[http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/aa3a85442a/tiptoes the trailer]] refers to as "role of a life time"... as a [[WTHCastingAgency dwarf]] who is also supposed to be Matthew [=McConaughey's=] [[DawsonCasting twin]] [[RefugeInAudacity brother]].

The dramedy was directed by Matthew Bright, formerly of Music/OingoBoingo and also known for his film ''Film/{{Freeway}}''.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AbortedArc: The subplot involving Rolfe and his on again off again girlfriend gets dropped and has no effect on the film. Similarly, Maurice and Lucy disappear during the final act without any real resolution.
** There are also hints that Steven may be having an affair with one of his students that appears briefly but this is never referred to again.
* BittersweetEnding: Steven and Carol separate over his inability to cope with the fact that their son is a dwarf and she and the child stay as guests at Rolfe's cabin. However, in the end it seems that he's getting help and he parts with Carol and Rolfe on good terms. Also, Carol starts a new relationship with Rolfe.
* TheCameo: David Alan Grier as a fictional actor Jerry Robin Jr. who likes to have sex with midgets.
* ForcedPerspective: Done poorly with GaryOldman, frequently qualifies as SpecialEffectsFailure. Compare and contrast with the ''LordOfTheRings'' the third of which was released the same year as this film.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: The characters of Maurice and Lucy make more sense and are more entertaining when you imagine that they're the stars of a separate romantic comedy that only occasionally intersect with the film we're watching.
* JerkAss: Steven becomes this after their child is born and revealed to be a dwarf.