1999 film adaptation of the play by Terrence Rattigan, written for the screen and directed by Creator/DavidMamet. A young boy, Arthur Winslow, is expelled from the Royal Naval College for theft. When he maintains his innocence, his father (Sir Nigel Hawthorne) does [[{{Determinator}} whatever it takes]] to clear his family name. Caught up in the battle are Mrs. Winslow (Gemma Jones) and the Winslow's feminist daughter Catherine (Rebecca Pidgeon). The Winslows turn to the expensive, conservative, and controversial attorney Sir Robert Morton (Jeremy Northam), and they proceed to take England by storm with the slogan, "Let Right be Done."

!!The film contains examples of:

* CastingGag: The man who plays a lord in one of the House of Commons scenes played the original Winslow Boy in the 40s film of the play.