''The Villain'', AKA ''[[MarketBasedTitle Cactus Jack]]'', is a 1979 comedy directed by [[Film/TheCannonballRun Hal]] [[Film/SmokeyAndTheBandit Needham]] parodying western films in general. It stars Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger as Handsome Stranger (that's literally his name), who is escorting Charming Jones (played by Creator/AnnMargret) so that she can claim money left by her father, Parody Jones. Avery Simpson (Jack Elam), the corrupt town boss forced to hand the money over, wants it back and so hires/conscripts an inept outlaw named Cactus Jack Slade (Creator/KirkDouglas) and Slade's [[SapientSteed super-genius horse]] Whiskey into stealing it back. What [[HilarityEnsues then unfolds]] is literally a [[WesternAnimation/WileECoyoteAndTheRoadrunner live-action Roadrunner cartoon.]]

No relation whatsoever to the wrestler MickFoley.

!! This movie contains examples of:

* AnimalReactionShot: Whiskey gets into this territory a few time.
* ArentYouGoingToRavishMe: Charming is not subtle about what she wants.
* TheBadGuyWins: Or at least [[spoiler: thanks to the above trope, gets the girl in the end.]]
* BeingGoodSucks
* BulletproofFashionPlate: Handsome Stranger never gets dirty. Ever.
* CallingYourAttacks: Cactus Jack does this in a saloon.
* ChasteHero: Handsome Stranger. [[spoiler: Because of this, he does NOT get the girl in the end.]]
* ChekhovsGun: A literal example. Handsome has [[spoiler: a seven-shot six shooter,]] which is established early on with a bit of dialog. At one point later, Cactus Jack [[spoiler: empties the bullets from the gun onto a table while counting them.]] Then, assuming the gun is now unloaded, [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace accidentally shoots himself.]]
* ComplainingAboutRescuesTheyDontLike: Cactus Jack, after Whiskey saves him from being [[PowderTrail blown up]]. In fairness, Whiskey accomplishes this by kicking Jack out of range with his back feet.
* CoolHorse: Whiskey. The horse keeps reminding Slade of this all the time.
* DawnAttack: Indians never attack at night, because they're too busy pounding on [[JungleDrums THOSE DAMNED DRUMS!]]
* EvilWearsBlack: Cactus Jack
* GroinAttack: The evil Cactus Jack invites Nervous Elk to join him in [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil ravishing Charming]]. Nervous Elk declines, saying that white women always [[FateWorseThanDeath hold back one bullet for themselves so they can't be raped]]. Except for that one woman who used her bullet to shoot Nervous Elk's balls off.
* HandcarPursuit
* HarmlessVillain: Cactus Jack is a horrible brigand. He isn't especially dangerous - he just isn't very good at it.
--> '''Chief Nervous Elk:''' Why does the banker want him watched? He needs to ''looked after''!
* HisNameReallyIsBarkeep: Handsome Stranger.
* HilarityEnsues: The movie runs on this.
* InjunCountry: Its border is marked by a literal white line drawn across the desert.
* InsistentTerminology: "''Cactus'' Jack Slade!"
* MadeOfIron: Cactus Jack survives cartoonish levels of violence and failure at different points in the movie. The guy's Kirk Douglas playing WileECoyote!
* MeaningfulName: Handsome Stranger was named after his father, whom he never met.
** Charming sort of falls into this category as well. She was named after the first thing her father said after she turned out to be a girl.
* PaintedTunnelRealTrain: One of Cactus Jack's ill-fated attempts to capture Handsome and Charming.
* PowderTrail: Another of Cactus Jack's attempted schemes leads to this.
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick: Whiskey is a cool and loyal horse, but he's also a ''dick''.
* StickySituation: Yet another of Cactus Jack's schemes, which of course leads to him trying to figure out what went wrong by ''standing in a puddle of rubber cement on a railroad crossing.''
* ThrowTheDogABone: Cactus Jake at the end, oh so much.
* UpToEleven: Handsome has a seven-shooter.
* VillainProtagonist: Says so right there in the title!