A 2009 straight to DVD film starring Creator/RobertCarlyle, Creator/KellyHu, and Creator/VingRhames, The Tournament is a game in a similar vein to ''Film/BattleRoyale'' - the characters are clearly drawn from both it and [[FollowTheLeader imitation]] ''Film/TheCondemned''.

The Tournament itself is an event staged every seven years. Thirty of the world's greatest assassins are gathered in one place, where they kill each other to the last man. The title of "World's Greatest Assassin" and lots of money is the official prize, but naturally most of the competitors are doing it for other reasons specific to them. This time around, things have been spiced up with a 24 hour time limit and the inclusion of a former champion - whose wife was murdered by a competitor this time. ItsPersonal.

A little known film, reviews are sparse, and seemingly mixed. Despite the FollowTheLeader premise and clear ClicheStorm, it remains entirely watchable, however.

!! This film contains examples of the following:

* ActionGirl: Lai Lai Zhen.
* AntiHero: Lai Lai Zhen is a killer for hire, but she doesn't kill [[InnocentBystander innocents]].
** Father Mac Avoy is another example. He's not immoral, but he's depressed and drunk.
* AntiVillain: Joshua Harlow, who, despite being a mass-murderer, is only doing it for revenge this time, and has genuinely given up the business besides that and self-defense.
* TheAtoner: [[spoiler: Lai Lai Zhen feels guilty because she killed Joshua's wife. She even mentions she would be okay with dying in the tournament]].
* AxCrazy: Miles Slade is the best example, but obviously half the cast qualify.
* CarFu
* EvilLaugh: Miles Slade does this quite a few times.
* ExplosiveLeash
* FinGore: What Lai Lai Zhen does to the first guy she encounters. He tries to strangle her with a wire, she manages to get behind him and cuts his fingers off with it. Then, she slams his mutilated hand into a wall.
* ILoveTheDead: The aforementioned guy tells Lai Lai Zhen he will fuck her AFTER he has killed her.
* InnocentBystander: Father Mac Avoy.
* KickTheDog: Miles Slade invokes this fairly literally when he shoots a dog for no apparent reason.
* LeParkour: Anton Bogart does this all the time. Seriously, it's his only character trait.
* NeckSnap: How Anton Bogart dispatches of the female sniper.
* [[ProfessionalKiller Professional Killers]]: Most of the cast.
* ScaryBlackMan: Joshua.
* YourHeadASplode: The tracking devices implanted in the players can do this, as well as make the upper half of the torso asplode.