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->''"How could he escape from his nightmares?"''
-->-- '''Tagline'''

Trelkovsky (Creator/RomanPolanski) has moved into a Paris apartment, where the previous tenant committed suicide by leaping to her death. Now, he's starting to think his new neighbors are trying to push him to the same act. As for the audience...we don't know what to think.

Released in 1976, this is the third film of Polanski's so-called "Apartment Trilogy", following ''Film/{{Repulsion}}'' and ''Film/RosemarysBaby''. It is also the last film he made before his arrest for rape and subsequent flight from justice for his crime/from the United States a year later.

!!'''This film contains examples of:'''
* BandageMummy: Simone Choule, the unfortunate former tenant whose rooms Trelkovsky are taking over. She has a BandagedFace as well as a leg and an arm in cast. [[spoiler: Also Trelkovsky, in the end.]]
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* BewareTheNiceOnes: Trelkovsky.
* CircleOfShame: The laughing crowd before [[spoiler: Trelkovsky decides to jump]].
* CreepyCrossDresser: The female wig looks creepy on Trelkovsky.
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: Trelkovsky feels [[{{Gaslighting}} gaslighted]] by his neighbors up to the point where he can't take it anymore and jumps from his window.]]
* EatTheCamera: The last shot of the film has the camera [[spoiler: descending into Trelkovsky's mouth as he screams in his hospital bed]].
* TheFilmOfTheBook: Polanski adapted the script from a short novel by French humorist Roland Topor.
* GainaxEnding: [[spoiler: Trelkovsky is bandaged up in the same fashion as Simone Choule in the same hospital bed, but we see his and Stella's own visit to Simone. Trelkovsky then lets out the same disturbing cry that Simone had screamed.]]
* {{Gaslighting}}: What Trelkovsky believes his neighbors are trying to do.
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* MindScrew: Hell yeah! The protagonist observes increasingly weird events, including his neighbors standing in the toilet for hours, the toilet covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs, his neighbors playing football with a human head, and a double of himself standing at his apartment window. It is never made clear how much of this is a result of SanitySlippage and how much is actually real.
* MundaneHorror: Basically the gist of the whole "apartment trilogy"; see MindScrew.
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* SanitySlippage: Hell ''yes!''
* SingleIssueLandlord: Just don't make noise.
* TheToothHurts: Trelkovsky apparently pulls out two of his own teeth.
* WouldHurtAChild: An increasingly paranoid Trelkovsky slaps a crying little boy in a park.