A 1979 film starring Bette Midler in her first role, directed by Mark Rydell. A vulnerable, self-destructive rock singer looks for love.
* AbusiveParents: One of whom is played by Doris Roberts.
* DownerEnding
* LoveTriangle: Several examples, but the main one is Rose's choice between Houston and her desire for fame.
* NeverAcceptedInHisHometown : Rose wants desperately to return to her hometown a success. It doesn't go well for her.
* OscarBait: While the film is not quite a biopic of Music/JanisJoplin, Rose sings, she gets strung out, and [[spoiler:she dies]]. Bette Midler was nominated for Best Actress but lost to Sally Field.
* SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll: Lots of all three. During the first on-screen concert, it's even a "crowd chant".
* TheSixties: The film is set in 1969...
** PresentDayPast: ...although it looks more like TheSeventies.
* SlutShaming: Inverted when Rose tells Houston the football story, then played straight in the western bar.
* TheTragicRose: Rose herself, of course, to the fullest use of the trope.