''The River Wild'' is a 1994 American thriller film directed by Creator/CurtisHanson and starring MerylStreep, Creator/KevinBacon, David Strathairn, Creator/JohnCReilly, and Joseph Mazzello. The story involves a family on a whitewater rafting trip who encounter two violent criminals in the wilderness.

!!Tropes included:

* AffablyEvil - Wade qualifies for this, period.
* BigBad - Wade.
* BondOneLiner - "He got to ride "The Gauntlet" after all".
* TheDragon - Terry, though he reluctantly goes along with Wade's leadership.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard - At the climax of the film, [[spoiler: Gail kills Wade with the very same gun he was using against them for the duration of the movie]].
* KickTheDog - Wade attempts to shoot the family's dog during the film because he considers it expendable. [[spoiler: The dog gets away unharmed]].
* MeaningfulName - ''Wade'' can't swim...
* PunchClockVillain: Terry, as he at times contests Wade's method.
* SceneryPorn
* VillainBall: Wade [[spoiler: murders Ranger Johnny, but fails to take his gun despite only having 2 bullets left.]]
* WasntThatFun? - After riding and surviving the feared "Gauntlet" with no injuries.