[[caption-width-right:214:[[BigShutUp SHUT. UP!]]]]

Based on the [[Literature/ThePrincessDiaries book series of the same name]], this pair of films stars Creator/AnneHathaway in her StarMakingRole and JulieAndrews in her first Disney film since ''Film/MaryPoppins''.

Very little resembles the plot of the books. For the first film, much of the core plot from the first book does remain, however major changes were made to some plot points and characters or some of them were removed entirely. The second film, ''The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement'' is in fact an entirely new creation: the only plot point from the books being used was Mia's mother marrying her teacher and having a baby with him. However, these movies gave the world Anne Hathaway, for which the world will be forever grateful (and ChrisPine, for which women everywhere will be forever grateful), and are popular sleepover fare with preteen (and not so preteen) girls to this day.

!!This film series provides examples of:

* [[AbsurdlyYouthfulMother Absurdly Youthful Grandmother]]: It's JulieAndrews after all.
* AcquiredSituationalNarcissism
* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Mia in the book isn't quite attractive as Anne Hathaway is after {{the makeover}}
** Grandpre is a chain-smoking old harridan in the books. In the film, she's ''Julie Andrews''.
* AdaptationalHeroism: Clarisse goes from EvilMatriarch to CoolOldLady. While Lily is still a massive SoapboxSadie, the movie toned her down a '''LOT'''.
* AdaptationDyeJob: Mia in the books is a dirty blonde, and has it cut short. Movie Mia is brunette with frizzy shoulder-length hair, which gets straightened during the MakeoverMontage.
** Also Fat Louie, who is orange in the books but black-and-white in the movies.
* AdvertisedExtra: Creator/RavenSymone as Asana in the sequel.
* {{Adorkable}}: Only in the first film.
* AllThereInTheScript: Charlotte's last name, Kutaway.
* ArtifactTitle: The movies lose the diary format the books are written in. Mia has a diary of low plot importance, making the title ''technically'' applicable, but not really.
* AwkwardKiss: Mia wants her first kiss to be an epic moment where her foot pops up like in old movies. Unfortunately, her foot gets stuck in fishing net on the floor of the shack they were hiding in, and she was with a RomanticFalseLead. She gets her epic kiss once she realizes the right guy is her [[ChildhoodFriendRomance old friend]].
** The sequel has one as well, when Mia and Andrew try to kiss to see if they have any romantic chemistry at all. Cue extremely uncomfortable liplock and the realization that they are definitely BetterAsFriends.
* BaldOfAwesome: Joe. Don't deny it when you're played by Hector Elizondo.
* BelligerentSexualTension: Mia and Nicholas in the sequel.
* BetterAsFriends: Mia and [[spoiler: Michael]] decide they are this in the second film.
** Mia and Andrew as well.
* BigShutUp: Mia says this when Queen Clarisse tells her that she is a princess.
-->'''Mia:''' Me, a princess? SHUT. UP!\\
'''Clarisse:''' (sipping tea, doing a SpitTake) I beg your pardon? "Shut up"?\\
'''Maitre'D:''' Your Majesty, in America, it doesn't always mean to be quiet. Here it could mean "Wow, gee whiz, golly wolly"...
** Listen carefully and it ''may'' also be a LastSecondWordSwap for something else beginning with 'Sh..,' that isn't appropriate to say in front of your grandmother.
** Lilly also says this when Mia tells her the same thing.
** In the sequel, Clarisse herself says it when the Genovian parliament drops the bomb that Mia must be married in order to ascend to the throne. Leads to a funny moment when the camera cuts back to an eavesdropping Mia:
-->'''Clarisse:''' Shut up!
-->'''Mia:''' Grandma said 'shut up'? ''Shut up!''
* BodyguardCrush: Joe for Clarisse.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Blonde Lana, Brunette (and TokenMinority to boot) Vontana and Redhead Anna.
* BlondesAreEvil: Lana (played by [[Music/MandyMoore Mandy Moore.]])
** And Josh.
* BodyGuardCrush: Queen Clarisse and Joe, the head of the security service, have feelings for each other. They eventually get together in the sequel.
* BrickJoke: Mia talks to her mother about getting her first FootPopping Kiss. After the debacle at the beach, Mia is crying into her mother's arms and wails "my foot didn't even pop!"
** A little less harsh than the previous example, there is a moment near the beginning of the first film where Mia accidentally breaks off one of the fingers of a porcelain statue in the embassy. She tries to hide it by putting the finger in the statue's mouth. Later on, at the grand ball, two officials are admiring the statue and pondering whether or not the item in the statue's mouth is string cheese.
* CallBack: Mia asks one of the dignitaries about her grandchildren, two of whom are named Lilly and Charlotte. Those are the names of the little twin girls with Jeremiah that Mia signs autographs for in the first film.
* TheCastShowoff: MandyMoore in the first movie, and JulieAndrews and RavenSymone in the second.
* CerebusRetcon: Two cases. First at the state dinner, Mia's clumsiness causes a fiasco that's PlayedForLaughs - and luckily for her everyone at the dinner finds it charmingly hilarious. But it then cuts to Mia in her room, sadly saying "I'm sorry I let you down" to a picture of her father.
** The second comes at the beach. While getting hounded by the paparazzi isn't treated as funny, it's still played light-heartedly. When Lana and her GirlPosse expose her getting changed, any humour the scene may have had goes away with Mia's panicked "go away, all of you!" - and with the FridgeHorror that this is a 15-year-old girl the photographers are trying to get nude pictures of.
* TheCheerleader: Lana. Lily also invokes this trope by worrying that next week Mia "could be waving pompoms in my face!"
* {{Corpsing}}: The part where Mia falls off the bleachers was accidental. Anne Hathaway's laughing is genuine and arguably in-character so they kept rolling. Heather Matarazzo breaks character briefly but the scene goes on.
* CucumberFacial: "Can I tell you a secret? The cucumber does nothing."
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Jeremiah is nowhere to be found in the second movie.
* DamnedByFaintPraise:
-->'''Clarisse''': You look so... young.\\
'''Mia''': Uh, thank you. And you look so... ''[long pause]'' ...clean.
* DeathByAdaptation: Mia's dad, Philippe. In the books, he is very much alive and only reveals to Mia that she's a Princess because he has testicular cancer and can no longer have any kids, making the illegitimate Mia his only heir. In the movie, they kill him in order to brush past testicular cancer in a Disney movie. Clarisse simply mentions a "terrible accident" implying that's how he died.
* DecemberDecemberRomance: Joe and Clarisse.
* DidTheyOrDidntThey: Mia and Nicolas don't do anything when they slept together, but citizens of Genovia could interpret this differently.
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: Joe and Clarisse - when they announce they're going to get married even the bishop mouths "finally". Given the first film has the Prime Minister's handing Clarisse over to dance with Joe, it doesn't seem they tried hard to hide their feelings.
* FemininityFailure: There's the awkward Mia who takes princess lessons and gets a makeover to which her friend tells her that she sold out. She's still clumsy after the lessons.
* FictionalCountry: Genovia
* {{Foil}}: Josh and Michael, the romantic leads in the first film (neither of whom is relevant in the second). Josh is blonde, popular (when he tries, he can be a fairly charismatic speaker, like during the debate scene; mostly he's just an idiot, like his "Be the Ball" speech during [=PE=] class), and a showboat. Michael is brunet, plays keyboard in a garage band (the fangirls mostly show up for the guitarist), remains quiet and low-key, but has actual talent. A good comparison scene is during the band class, where Michael is playing piano and Josh is sitting right beside him: Michael has his head down, focusing on the keys, while Josh is hamming it up beside him, pretending to play the piano with his hands flying around dramatically.
* FootPopping: Mia expresses her wish to do this. She fails to do it with Josh, but succeeds with Michael. Also with Nicholas in the second movie.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Actually, Funny Foreground Event. When Clarisse is teaching Mia how to properly wave, Joe is in front of them, pretending to drive the car. Halfway through, Joe realizes he has to leave and mimes actually parking the car.
* GagEcho: See BigShutUp above.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar
-->'''Joe:''' Strange town San Francisco. When I purchased the pumps, he asked if I wanted them wrapped or if I wanted to wear them.
** Also:
-->'''Clarisse:''' You have a cousin who's a Contessa, known fondly as Bartholomew. Actually, we call ''him'' Pookie.
** And:
--> '''Paolo:''' It was I who outed you. So to speak, I did not of course mean to imply...
** From the second one:
-->'''Mia:''' ''[about a potential husband]'' He's cute.
-->'''Joe:''' His boyfriend thinks he's handsome also.
-->'''Mia and Lilly:''' [[YaoiFangirl Right on!]]
* TheGlassesGottaGo
-->'''Paolo:''' Do you wear contact lenses?\\
'''Mia:''' Oh, I have them, but I really don't like to wear them that much.\\
'''Paolo:''' Now... ''(breaks her glasses in half)'' you do.\\
'''Mia:''' ''(shocked)'' You broke my glasses!\\
'''Paolo:''' You broke my brush.
* HandsOnApproach: Nicholas teaching Mia to shoot an arrow in the second movie.
* {{Homage}}: In the second movie, Mia dances with a succession of royal suitors with humorous personalities and/or odd dance styles, much as Creator/AudreyHepburn (also playing a somewhat unorthodox princess) does in ''Film/RomanHoliday''.
** One of the cut scenes in the second movie also had a ''Film/BreakfastAtTiffanys'' shout-out.
* ImagineSpot: In a borderline BigLippedAlligatorMoment, after discussing FootPopping, Mia has an ImagineSpot where a foot attempts to pop but fails due to her shoe being stuck to a piece of gum.
** A cut scene from the first movie, which would have taken place before the makeover, has an ImagineSpot of Mia as a wooden puppet, following Clarisse's order.
* TheMakeover: Played straight in the movies.
* MakeoverMontage
* ModestyShorts: Seen when Mia comes down the spiral steps at the beginning.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: When Nicolas attempts to woo Mia, he pulls her close to him and kisses her at least one.
* ObviouslyEvil: Mabrey makes it clear that he's out for the throne.
* PairTheSpares: In ''A Royal Engagement'', the garden party makes it quite clear that not only are Mia and Nicholas the OfficialCouple of the film, Andrew is quite taken with Lady Elyssa, Nicholas' date. The final scene implies that they did indeed get together.
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: In the sequel, Mia wears a pink dress and hat while Nicolas wears a blue shirt and tie.
* PrecociousCrush: Prince Jacques, age 12, tries to romance Mia while dancing with her at her 21st birthday.
* PunnyName: Charlotte's unspoken last name Kutaway is because the character frequently appears in cutaway shots.
* [[QuirkyTown Quirky Country]]: Genovia, if the second movie is anything to go by. Apparently, marching bands with violin and accordion players are commonplace there, as are goats that moo and pear-flavoured popcorn.
* {{Retcon}}: Despite having liked two guys in the first movie and officially dating one of them at the end, Mia will state in the sequel that she's never been in love. Then again, she could have been talking about being in a serious relationship; how many high school romances tend to last after high school?
* SheCleansUpNicely: Mia. She even provides the picture for the trope page.
* ShipperOnDeck: Lilly ships Mia/Nicholas. Mia ships Joe/Clarisse.
* ShippingTorpedo: Nicholas and his uncle initially try to torpedo Mia/Andrew so Nicholas can be king. He has a change of heart.
* ShipTease: Lily and the leader of the Royal Guard Band in the sequel. [[spoiler: He even goes as far as to ask if he could call her in California, and she slips him her business card.]]
* ShoutOut (and also ActorAllusion): In the second movie, Julie Andrews saying "I've done [[MaryPoppins a LOT of flying in my day."]]
* ShutUpHannibal: "Lily, just because your hair sucks, get off mine"
* SlapSlapKiss: Mia and Nicholas. Literally.
* StealthInsult: Delivered during a toast to the film's villains, Baron and Baroness [[PunnyName von Baron]]; ([[spoiler:who hope that Mia fails to accept her royal heritage in order to allow for them to be next in line to rule Genovia]]) in which the toast went "To Baron and Baroness von Baron, may you always remain [[spoiler:barren]]".
* SuccessionCrisis: The plot of the second movie. Gets resolved when Nicholas allows Mia to have the throne, mainly because he never wanted it and is in love with her.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: Clarisse and Joe. If Viscount Mabrey's comment is anything to go by, this has been going on for quite some time. They finally resolve it by getting married in the sequel.
* UptownGirl: Mia for Michael in the first film and Clarisse for Joe in the second. Both are particularly painful examples as Michael is already pretty close to Mia when he discovers she's royalty instead of an ordinary girl. Joe has been in love with Clarisse for years but has held back from saying anything because of her devotion to Genovia.
* WhyWasteAWedding: Played straight in the sequel [[spoiler: when Mia and Andrew call off their wedding at the altar, Mia convinces Clarisse and Joe to ''finally'' tie the knot. The former sheepishly says "you were all dressed" to the confused wedding guests.]]
* YouDoNotWantToKnow: Mia to Clarisse, after the fountain incident in the second movie.
** Also in the first movie, when Mia shows up wet at the event where she is supposed to announce that she is the new princess.