''Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob'' (''The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob'') is a 1973 French cult comedy directed by Gérard Oury. It stars Creator/LouisDeFunes in one of his most famous roles.

Rabbi Jacob (Marcel Dalio) is a beloved rabbi from New York. One day, the French side of his family, the Schmolls, invite him to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of his young nephew David. Rabbi Jacob boards a plane to leave America for his birthland of France after more than 30 years of American life. His young friend Rabbi Samuel comes with him.

Meanwhile in France, Victor Pivert (De Funès), a xenophobic, chauvinistic and bad-tempered businessman, is on the way to his daughter's wedding. He and his driver, Salomon (Henri Guybet), have a car accident in which Pivert's car (carrying a speed boat) flips upside-down into a lake. When Salomon, who is Jewish, refuses to help because Shabbat has just begun, Pivert [[GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity fires him]], much to Salomon's content. As Pivert goes to find assistance in an empty bubblegum factory, he unvoluntarily helps Mohammed Larbi Slimane (Claude Giraud), an Arab revolutionist leader, to escape a group of SecretPolice killers led by Farès (Renzo Montagnani). On the run from both Farès' killers and the French police, they disguise themselves as rabbis at the airport. Pivert is then mistaken for Rabbi Jacob by the Schmoll family.

!!''The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* AllJewsAreCheapskates: Played with in one scene, where Pivert (disguised as a rabbi) is negotiating with Salomon (the only one who knows him) to get him his job back. Pivert himself is obviously a cheapstake, but now that he's in costume...
-->'''Salomon:''' Rabbi, I have a question. My boss just fired me because I don't work on Saturdays. What should I do? \\
'''Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob:''' Go see him and ask him to hire you again, he'll say yes! Ask him to give you a raise he'll say ''yes''! \\
'''Salomon:''' Will he double my wages? \\
'''Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob:''' He'll say ''yes''! \\
'''Salomon:''' Will he triple them? \\
'''Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob:''' He'll... say no.
* AnAesop
* ArrangedMarriage:
** Antoinette (Pivert's daughter), obviously.
** Esther Schmoll wants to marry Slimane to a redhead.
* AshFace: From a bursting tailpipe. Results in a BlackFace gag that would have probably been offensive with any other actor, but De Funès made it work.
* BadassBoast:
-->'''Slimane:''' Revolution is like a bicycle! When it is not in motion, it collapses!\\
'''Pivert:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Eddy Merckx]]?\\
'''Mook:''' No, UsefulNotes/CheGuevara.
* BeardOfEvil: Farès
* BlackGalOnWhiteGuyDrama: Spoofed when Pivert is flabbergasted at the sight of a mixed marriage.
* BuddyPicture
* CaptainObvious: "Solomon? You're ''Jewish?''"
* CharacterDevelopment: Blatant in Pivert's case.
* ClownCar: A number of people accompany Jacob to the airport ''and they all get into the same taxi'', yet the first shots of Jacob and Samuel on the road give the impression that they're only ''two'' on the backseats of the taxi.
-->'''Taxi driver:''' Hey mac! This is a taxi, not a synagogue!
* CoincidentalAccidentalDisguise: Pivert and Slimane are mistaken for Rabbi Jacob and his friend Rabbi Samuel by the Schmoll family, and they find themselves driven to the welcoming committee that is waiting for Jacob's arrival in the middle of the Pletzl (the main Jewish quarter in Paris).
* DelayedReaction:
** One of Farès' mooks guarding the bubblegum factory corrects Pivert (as seen in BadassBoast above) before realizing that maybe he should worry about the intruder who just talked.
** Also Farés at the Gas station, who just gives Slimane a passing by look before realising that the man he's chasing is in the just nearby car.
* DepravedDentist:
** Well, not so depraved than "in-a-hurry-'cause-she's-marrying-her-daughter-today", but Pivert's dentist wife is still seen doing a rather half-assed job on her poor patient.
** Later, Farès threatens to torture her with her own instruments.
* DisposableFiance: Alexandre (Pivert's daughter's fiancé)
* TheDragAlong: Pivert
* FacePalm: Slimane at the sight of Pivert/Rabbi Jacob dragged into the dance.
* FieryRedhead:
** Germaine (Pivert's wife)
** Also [[spoiler:her daughter]]
* TheFullNameAdventures
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: Some Gratuitous Arabic.
* HandWave:
-->'''David:''' Tell me Rabbi, why don't you have a beard?\\
'''Slimane:''' Because I lent it to someone who didn't have one. Come!
* HappyEnding
* HenpeckedHusband: Likely with Pivert and his wife.
-->'''Pivert:''' (''[[ItMakesSenseInContext hanging up after a long speech about a 65-year-old woman who's madly in love with him and has let him be for the past 50 years]]'') Did you see that?\\
'''Slimane:''' What?\\
'''Pivert:''' ''I'' hung up on ''her''!
* HeroesWantRedheads:
** Mohammed Larbi Slimane can't resist a redhead.
** Pivert is married to a redhead, which is a hint that [[spoiler:their daughter is also a redhead]].
* IdentityImpersonator: The two protagonists.
* ImpersonatingAnOfficer: Farès, on the phone. Twice.
* InspectorJavert: Commissioner Andréani
* InstantExpert: Victor Pivert is dragged into a Hassidic dance and do it perfectly, though he never tried it before. "A miracle" according to him.
* IResembleThatRemark:
-->'''David Schmoll:''' How are we going to recognize Uncle Jacob? The only one who know him is granny, and she can't see a thing...\\
'''Granny Schmoll:''' What do you mean, I can't hear a thing?
* JewishMother:
** Rabbi Jacob's wife is this ''for her husband''.
** Esther Schmoll
* JustFollowingOrders: Farès.
* LoveAtFirstSight: [[spoiler:Antoinette and Slimane.]]
* MistakenForAnImposter: Poor Rabbi Jacob gets his beard pulled twice.
* MuggedForDisguise: Two rabbis at the airport, by Slimane and Pivert.
* {{Nerd}}: Alexandre
* {{Nice Hat}}s
** Traditional Hassidic hats.
** The shtreimel offered to Pivert.
* NiceJewishBoy:
** Each one of the Jews in this movie, including Salomon, even though he's quite bitter towards his boss.
** Special mention goes to the guys who accompany Rabbi Jacob to the airport. Their cab ends up stuck in a traffic jam and time is running out, so what do they do? ''Lift'' the cab and ''carry'' it to the free part of the road.
--->'''Rabbi Jacob:''' You see my boy? Always believe in miracles.
* PieInTheFace: Commissioner Andréani receives the cheesecake that was intended for David's Bar Mitzvah in the face, courtesy of Rabbi Samuel.
* PimpedOutDress: Pivert's wife.
* {{Pornstache}}: Slimane. It was a trademark of Claude Giraud, the actor who played him.
* {{Qurac}}: Slimane's fictional Arab country.
* RippedFromTheHeadlines: Slimane's kidnapping was based on the disappearance of Mehdi Ben Barka in 1965.
* SecondaryCharacterTitle
* ShownTheirWork: The movie was co-written by a rabbi, Josy Eisenberg.
* SinisterShades: Farès
* StickySituation / CoveredInGunge: The bubblegum factory scene.
* StupidStatementDanceMix: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK_ljbnV-14 Inverted.]]
* StraightMan: Slimane to Pivert. Claude Giraud plays him completely straight, as if in a serious action movie, perfectly balancing De Funès' comedy.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Pivert ''starts'' out as this, being a racist {{Jerkass}} with HairTriggerTemper. [[CharacterDevelopment He gets better over the course of the movie]].
* WithDueRespect: The argument between Salomon and Pivert.
* YiddishAsASecondLanguage