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[[caption-width-right:300:''"I sleep now."'']]
->'''Dr. Fleming:''' Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a skeleton to bring to life!
->'''Skeleton:''' (in a distant cave) THAT WOULD BE ME.

A 2001 AffectionateParody of campy 1950s {{B Movie}}s, complete with nonsensical plot, intentionally stilted acting and cheap SpecialEffects. Directed by, written by and starring Larry Blamire.

The plot revolves around Dr. Paul Armstrong (a man OF SCIENCE), [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Dr.]] Roger Fleming (a man OF EVIL), and Kro-Bar and Lattis (aliens FROM OUTER SPACE), all of whom wish to acquire the rare radioactive element "[[{{Unobtainium}} atmosphereum]]" for various reasons: [[ForScience to do science,]] to revive a [[DemBones mysterious lost skeleton]] and to [[AppliedPhlebotinum power their spaceship,]] respectively. A mutant (WHO KILLS FOR KICKS!) and a [[PettingZooPeople petting zoo person]] factor in here somehow also.

In 2008 a sequel, ''The Lost Skeleton Returns Again'', was made by Blamire with most of the original cast, this time in the style of a 1960's color cheapie; it was released on DVD in August, 2010.
!!This movie provides examples of:

* AgentScully: Dr. Fleming is a scientist; he doesn't believe in ''anything''.
* AffectionateParody: The movie was clearly made in good fun.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish: And in true 50s B-movie style, they don't even try explaining it.
* AndNowYouMustMarryMe: The Skeleton declares that he will marry the alien woman Lattis and tries to have a wedding ceremony.
* AntagonistTitle: The film's title is the "name" of the film's BigBad.
* AsYouKnow: Crobar is fond of pointing out to his wife that they are aliens from the planet Marva. He also likes to explain technology that's just as familiar to her as it is to him.
** Paul actually pulls his car onto the shoulder in order to explain atmosphereum and its implications (actual advances in the field of Science) to his wife, who must have already known this prior to being asked to go out to the middle of nowhere to look for some.
* BadBadActing: Everyone. Dan Conroy, the actor who played Ranger Brad, plays his character as though he were [[CastTheExpert an actual park ranger who got talked into playing a role in the movie]] because he had his own costume. Andrew Parks, who plays Kro-Bar, explained that he played the role as an actor embracing what he felt was the role of a lifetime.
%%* BadBoss: The Skeleton.
* BearsAreBadNews: "I've seen bears do things that even a bear wouldn't do."
* BeastAndBeauty: The Mutant is smitten by Betty. The Skeleton decides to marry Lattis.
* BetweenMyLegs: A bizarre and very brief example, when Betty has to ShowSomeLeg.
* BigNo: Twice. First, from Lattis when the Skeleton decides to marry her. Second, from the Skeleton himself upon defeat.
* {{Brainwashed}}: The Skeleton, Animala and the aliens can all do this to people.
* CallARabbitASmeerp: Used inconsistently. Cranberries on the planet Marva are "cranberroids", cherries are "linbooba", but grapes are just grapes.
* CatchPhrase: Seems like it's a day for Catch Phrases! Oh well.
** "Rawr."
* ChewingTheScenery: Dr. Fleming's EvilLaugh, which doubles as an OverlyLongGag.
* ClusterFBomb: Not in the film's final cut, but the actor in the Mutant costume swore up a storm during his fight with the skeleton which can be heard on the gag reel.
* CompellingVoice: The Skeleton, used on Kro-Bar.
* ContemplateOurNavels: After their HeelFaceTurn, Kro-Bar and Lattis invite the Armstrongs over for dinner, and discuss the differences between Earth and the planet Marva, even though a mutant (WHO KILLS FOR KICKS) and an evil skeleton are running around.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: The Skeleton.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The entire film was shot in color, and then made black and white in post-production. Not for any artistic reasons, just because 50s B movies were always in black and white.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: PlayedForLaughs as a parody of the casual sexism often seen in TheFifties genre films. Betty is very much a prototypical {{Housewife}}, as well as a DamselInDistress. Even Lattis, who claims to be from a society where the genders are equal, defers to her husband Kro-Bar without question.
* DelusionsOfEloquence: Much of the script, especially in the case of Kro-Bar. Blamire wrote the whole thing as if he was a hack writer who wanted to have a lot of thought-provoking dialogue, but didn't have the time and/or skill to pull it off, turning it all into [[FauxlosophicNarration mindless babble]].
%%* DemBones
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: As sayeth the Skeleton: "When I am brought to life, together you and I will rule the world together!"
** There's a lot of this in the alien's dialogue as well, such as "You think the earth people think we are strange, you think? It is strange how the ways of different people on different planets differ."
* DisneyVillainDeath: At the end of their fight, the mutant throws the Skeleton over a cliff. When it hits the ground, it breaks up into its component bones.
* EasilyForgiven: The Mutant (even though he KILLS FOR KICKS)
* TheEndOrIsIt: Parodied.
* EvilLaugh: Dr Fleming, when he finds the Skeleton. Also an OverlyLongGag.
%%* TheFifties
* FightingFromTheInside: Kro-Bar against the Skeleton's CompellingVoice... though not very effectively.
-->'''Skeleton:''' YOU WILL AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!
-->'''Kro-Bar:''' I ''won't'' like it!
* [[ForScience For SCIENCE!]]: Paul's motivation in locating the atmosphereum.
* ForTheEvulz: Dr. Fleming never gives any reason at all for wanting to resurrect the Lost Skeleton, so this trope seems to be his only motivation.
* GoshDangItToHeck
-->'''Dr. Paul Armstrong:''' Now for the love of Mike, will someone please explain what the heck is going on here?
* GreenRocks: That rarest of all metals, atmosphereum, which can do such things as fuel spaceships and bring magical skeletons back to life.
* {{Housewife}}: Betty, to ridiculous degree as it's almost all she ever talks about.
* HughMann
-->'''Lattis:''' I certainly am a normal earth female. Isn't that right, my little space comet?
* HumanAliens: Kro-Bar and Lattis.
* InformedAttribute:
** Animala is said to be a person-shaped [[LEGOGenetics mix]] of four different animals, but is not even a LittleBitBeastly outside of acting like an... animal. At the end, these are revealed to be a fox, two ferrets, and a squirrel.
** Paul Armstrong and Roger Fleming are both scientists. Paul spends a couple scenes staring into a microscope (and doing other things that could be called experimentation by someone feeling charitable), but otherwise seems more interested in discussing what a scientist's life is like than doing anything scientific. Roger doesn't even do that much, as the actor puts it, he spends all day laughing in a cave. In one scene he does have what appears to be a [[GratuitousLaboratoryFlasks child's chemistry set]] laid out on the floor of the cave, though he doesn't actually do anything with it.
* LargeHam: Andrew Parks decided to play Kro-Bar as though he thought it was the role of a lifetime. There's also a lot of [[Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace Eros]] in there.
%%* LeaveTheCameraRunning: A requirement for a film spoofing 50s B-movies. Though they purposely made the padding funny, unlike the movies they're referencing.
* MarsNeedsWomen: The Mutant and Betty, though its intentions seemed to be pure. Inverted with the Skeleton wanting to marry Lattis, as she's an alien and he's presumably from Earth. However, she's a HumanAlien and he's...a skeleton, so it still looks like this trope played straight.
* MonochromeCasting: Just like the movies from the era it's spoofing, the entire cast is white.
%%* MsFanservice: Animala. Rowr.
%%* OverlyLongGag: The scene mentioned in ContemplateOurNavels. It goes on so long that it goes from funny to tedious to funny again.
* PeopleInRubberSuits: The mutant.
* PeopleJars: Averted by the ethical principles of Science!
--> '''Skeleton:''' You must find the atmosphereum.
--> '''Animala:''' Amish Terrarium. Must find Amish terrarium.
--> '''Dr. Paul Armstrong:''' I don't understand. Why does she need an Amish terrarium?
--> '''Betty Armstrong:''' Don't the Amish live in open air, like us?
--> '''Dr. Paul Armstrong:''' Of course, Betty, it's absurd. Putting the Amish in glass cases would be inhumane.
* PerfectlyCromulentWord: Someone asks Paul if, since he studies meteors, he's a meteorologist. Paul laughs, and explains that a meteorologist is a weather man. No, he's a ''meteographer''. Which, if that was a real word, would mean something like "one who writes in the air."[[note]]For those wondering, there's actually a few different brances of science, like Chemistry, Geology, and Astronomy, that study meteors, or in Paul's specific case, meteorites.[[/note]]
* {{Phlebotinum}}: Atmospherium. It can power a spaceship, resurrect skeletons, and presumably other things.
* {{Retraux}}: Made to look like a movie from the 1950s.
* SayMyName: "Paul? Paul? Paul!? PAUL!?!"
%%* ScreamingWoman
* ShapedLikeItself: Everyone talks like this:
--> '''Dr. Armstrong:''' Do you realize what this meteor could mean to science? If we find it, and it's real, it could mean a lot. It could mean actual advances in the field of science.
* ShowSomeLeg: Betty draws the mutant to [[spoiler:the Skeleton's wedding to Lattis]] this way.
%%* SpaceClothes. And SpockSpeak.
* StylisticSuck: Everything about the film, from the script to the acting, was done in the style of low budget 50s genre films. Even minor gaffes, flubbed lines, and inconsistencies were deliberately added, to the point that it's [[PoesLaw impossible to tell]] if a mistake was done on purpose or not.
* SueDonym: Nearly half the cast takes on a pseudonym at one point. Dr. Roger Fleming becomes Rudolph Jaber (even though he doesn't need to), Animala becomes Pammy Jaber (even though she's just been named "Animala" simultaneously, and it would have been easier just to name her "Pammy"), Kro-Bar becomes Bammin Taylor, and Lattis becomes Turgaso Taylor.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial:
--> '''Kro-Bar''': I'm sorry, my wife sometimes forgets that she is ''not'' a space alien.
* TemptingFate: Ranger Brad, who gets killed moments after warning everyone about the horribly mutilated farmer that had been found earlier.
-->'''Ranger Brad''': Say, I must be crazy walking around in these woods at night with a horrible mutilation practically around the corner. Oh well.
* VeryFalseAdvertising: The trailer. [[InvokedTrope On purpose]].
-->Years in the making -- on the world's most spectacular locations! A cast of thousands! A cost of millions!
** Well, the locations part wasn't totally off. Bronson Canyon is a pretty well-known place... to movie buffs. Hell, most of the film's budget went to getting the rights to film there.
* WeirdnessCensor: During the Armstrongs' first interactions with the aliens and Animala, Paul refers to their guests as "odd ducks," after witnessing actions that would have most people calling for the police within seconds.

!!''The Lost Skeleton Returns Again''

* {{Anticlimax}} / CurbStompBattle: The Skeleton vs. the Magraclop. [[spoiler:crunch]]
* AuthorAppeal: The foxy Animala is the director's wife.
%%* ConfusingMultipleNegatives
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The first part of the movie, as if only a black and white print could be found.
* DemBones: The Skeleton is now only a skull, much to his annoyance. [[FlyingFace He can levitate however]].
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: The title.
* DrowningMySorrows: Armstrong after becoming disillusioned with Science. The idea of him becoming a bitter drunk was actually the entire reason Larry Blamire made the movie, as he usually hates sequels but found this too good to resist.
* EconomyCast: The Cantaloupe Tribe, all three of them. When you can see them at all (they're very good at hiding).
* [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Everything's Better With Trilobites]]
* EvilChancellor: Averted, although the character of Bentivegitantus was made to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to this trope.
* EvilTwin: Inverted in Peter Fleming's case. He's good, and hoping to clear the name of his villainous brother Roger, but the Skeleton is controlling him too.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
-->'''Bartender:''' Si, I know a gringo. We call him... the Man in the Corner. ''(indicates man sitting in the corner of the bar)''
* FlyingSaucer: Kro-Bar and Lattis upgrade from their previous rocketship.
* GreenRocks: This time it's Jerranium 90.
* HawaiianShirtedTourist: Kro-Bar's attempt at 'normal' human dress in the jungle. Which, being that it's Kro-Bar, this is the most normal part of his disguise.
* HollywoodToneDeaf: "Fleeeeeming, Fleeeeeming..." According to the commentary, the only direction Blamire gave for the "song" was "Don't do what anyone else is doing."
* HypocriticalHumor: Armstrong is now disillusioned with Science after a colleague took credit for the discovery of a new metal and [[NamesakeGag named it after himself]] (Armstrong had planned to name it after ''himself!'')
* [[IdenticalGrandson Identical Brother]]: As well as Peter Fleming, they also encounter Ranger Brad's twin brother, Jungle Brad.
-->'''Paul:''' Wait, you're twins, and you're both named Brad?
-->'''Jungle Brad:''' We have different last names.
* ItsTheJourneyThatCounts: Subverted, since it turns out that [[spoiler:Animala had the Jerranium 90 all along]].
* JawsFirstPersonPerspective: We get to see a monster sneak up and attack Jungle Brad, the same way the mutant snuck up on Ranger Brad. He even shrieks the exact same way. [[spoiler:In a massive subversion, Jungle Brad is not only perfectly unharmed, but he was able to correctly identify the creature and warn people NOT to act like he did, or they'll get killed.]]
%%* JungleJapes
* MacGuffin: The Dalp of Anacrab.
* MsFanservice: Animala returns. Rowr. Again.
* NegatedMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler:The Skeleton charges towards the Cantaloupe Monster declaring this will be "THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!" only to be instantly crushed. Likewise Chinfa's dance is built up as something flamboyant, but it consists of tiny hip twitches.]]
* NiceHat: The Cantaloupe People. Guess what they wear on their heads.
* OverlyLongGag:
** The "show me your card ''slowwwwwly''" scene.
** Lattis and Kro-bar mourning. Eventually the cast joins them.
** Chinfa's failure to understand double negatives.
** Bentivegitantus' speech.
-->'''Bentivegitantus''': But my Queen, was it not foretold in the Time of the Coming of the Other Ones, when the… The thing with the… That other thing came to pass… When it was… Lo, heed the warnings, that the Outsiders, lest they… When they come to… And it is! Lo! Seize them! That they… I swear, when the moon has… Infidels! For was it not the great… Are you heedless of the power of the… Behold! It is the… A wrath upon you all, that the… Mighty is the… For it is… Know this! By the time the… For it is written that… Dare you violate… The forbidden… Parts!? I have spoken.
--> '''Chinfa''': Your words are well chosen, Bentivegitantus.
* PeopleInRubberSuits: Two this time. The gralmanopidon and the dreaded Magraclop.
%%* ThePollyanna: Betty
* {{Retraux}}: Meant to look like a studio BMovie of TheSixties, as opposed to the independent cheapy-look of ''Cadavra''.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: Peter Fleming, now free of the skull's influence, [[spoiler:saves Lattis from a ManEatingPlant but is fatally injured.]]
* ThatMakesMeFeelAngry: Paul Armstrong is very bitter in this movie. You know this, because he helpfully informs you that he's filled with bitterness every time he opens his mouth.
* TookALevelInBadass: Animala first seems to be her usual ditzy self, but then [[spoiler:it's revealed to be an act when she abandons the Skeleton after it keeps insulting her, cheerfully saying "Bye bye!"]] Unsurprisingly, the commentary notes that the audience at the premiere cheered wildly.
* WeirdnessCensor: ''Still'' in place for the Armstrongs, who recognize Animala, but as "Pammy," and think Peter Fleming is "Rudolf Yaber," not the evil Dr. Roger Fleming who used that as his SueDonym.
* YouLookFamiliar: All the actors from the first movie turn up again. Even the ones whose character's died.

Oh well.