'''The Last Shark''' (Italian title: ''L'ultimo squalo'') is an Italian horror film [[SerialNumbersFiledOff "influenced by"]] ''Film/{{Jaws}}''.

!!This film contains examples of:
* AnArmAndALeg:
** [[spoiler:Jenny gets her leg bitten off by the shark, but survives]].
** [[spoiler:Wells gets both his legs bitten off and dies quikcly of the blood loss]].
* AshesToCrashes: [[spoiler:Ron's corpse is fed to the shark, because Peter knows the shark will be killed by what's inside of Ron.]]
* CaliforniaDoubling: Some Italian movies set in America were actually entirely filmed there (such as ''Impatto mortale'' and ''Thunder''); this one was shot in Georgia... and Malta.
* DolledUpInstallment: The film was released in Spain, Brazil and Japan as a part of the ''Film/{{Jaws}}'' series. Which is one of several reasons why {{Universal}} took the film's American distributors to court in a (successful) bid to have it pulled from cinemas.
* TheLastTitle: The title in both languages.
* StockFootage: When not portrayed by an animatronic, the shark is represented by documentary footage.
* ThreateningShark: Both has one as an antagonistic force in-universe and was viciously attacked by [[AmoralAttorney them]] in RealLife.