A 2010 independent {{Dramedy}} film about a lesbian couple, Nic (Creator/AnnetteBening) and Jules (Creator/JulianneMoore), and their teenage children, Joni (Creator/MiaWasikowska) and Laser (Josh Hutcherson). The children decide that they want to meet their anonymous sperm donor, a guy named Paul (Creator/MarkRuffalo), whose relationship with each of the four members of the family [[ZigZaggingTrope zigzags]] throughout the course of the film.

The film was a breakout hit at Sundance and ultimately nominated for [[AcademyAward Best Picture]]. No connection to the similarly-named documentary about TheWho.

!!This film includes examples of:
* ActorAllusion: Inverted.
-->[[TheBigLebowski "I don't want the father to be someone I have to see socially, or who will have any interest in raising the child himself."]]
* AffairHair: [[spoiler:Unusually, it's found at Paul's house.]]
* AllLesbiansWantKids
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Laser Allgood.
* ButNotTooGay: compare the way gay and straight sex is depicted
** Hilariously since one part of the nominally gay couple is having straight sex she comes across as in the closet...about her ''hetero''sexuality.
* ChekhovsGun: Early in the movie it is established that [[spoiler:Jules has a tendency to leave hair in drains.]]
* CringeComedy: Not ''too'' badly, but there are a lot of awkward moments.
* ExiledToTheCouch: Jules, though she may have decided to do so herself.
* FakeAmerican: Australian Mia Wasikowska as Joni, though you can't really tell.
* GenderBlenderName: Both Nic and Jules.
* GlorifiedSpermDonor: [[{{Deconstruction}} Deconstructed]]. Paul has never been a part of the kids' life until the events of the film, but to some (ambiguous) extent he sees himself, and they see him, as some sort of parental figure. Nic doesn't like this. Eventually, though, she accepts her children's desire to know their biological father. Until other things get in the way...
* GuyOnGuyIsHot: Nic and Jules like to watch gay porn together. Laser finds out. [[HilarityEnsues They have a hard time explaining it.]]
* INeedAFreakingDrink: Nic has a bit too much to drink when she has to deal with Paul's interactions with the kids.
* InterruptedIntimacy: When [[spoiler:Jules and Paul have sex for the first time, they're interrupted by her Hispanic gardener calling for her.]]
* JerkAss: Nic, to a certain extent. Her uncomfortableness with Paul is understandable, but it doesn't really make her that much more of a likable character
** Clay. He tries to [[KickTheDog pee on a dog.]]
* LampshadeHanging: A not-so-subtle wink to the audience when Jules and Nic explain to their son why they don't watch lesbian porn.
--> '''Jules:''' You would think that. But in most of those movies, they've hired two straight women to pretend and the inauthenticity is just unbearable.
--> '''Nic:''' (''cutting her off'') Okay, that's enough!
* ManChild: Paul, who grows during the film as he realises that he would really like to have kids and a proper family.[[spoiler: He shouldn't try to wrangle himself the ready-made one Nic and Jules have though.]]
* MistakenForGay: Laser, by Nic and Jules. They're quite surprised to find out what he's actually been up to.
* NoBisexuals: Jules insists that she's a lesbian even after [[spoiler:she has sex with Paul several times]].
* NobodyOver50IsGay: Averted, or close to it.
* [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse What Happened to the Mouse?]]: Laser's friend Clay doesn't appear during the second half of the film, and the question of his being a bad influence is never resolved.
** Laser figures this out for himself, [[spoiler:when he doesn't let Clay pee on the dog and Clay punches him.]]
** Joni has a whole romantic subplot that is never really resolved.
* SmokingHotSex: [[spoiler:Jules says she wants a cigarette, after having sex with Paul, though she doesn't smoke anymore. However, he doesn't have any.]]
* TheUnfairSex: [[spoiler:Paul and Jules have an affair. First, it's implied to be Nic's fault (who, as breadwinner, is apparently the "man" in the relationship) for not being attentive enough to Jules' needs. Then, when it's discovered, Jules is eventually forgiven while it now becomes all Paul's fault--he's shunned and treated like dirt by everyone, including Jules, who acts downright disgusted that he genuinely wants to be with her. The affair was wrong on all sides but Paul didn't deserve to have all of the blame dumped on him.]]
** The {{exiled to the couch}} implies that Jule's and Nic's relationship has suffered to some degree and the ending makes it clear the main couple have some issues to work out.
* WhoNamesTheirKidDude: Laser.
* YourCheatingHeart: [[spoiler:Jules, with Paul]]. Ultimately becomes the film's main conflict.