There have been numerous live-action film versions of ''Literature/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'', but three are particularly notable:

The American 1923 black-and-white silent version produced by {{Universal}} featured Creator/LonChaney as Quasimodo.

The American 1939 black-and-white sound version produced by RKO Pictures featured Creator/CharlesLaughton as Quasimodo and Creator/MaureenOHara as Esmeralda.

The French-Italian 1956 color version produced by Paris Film Productions and Panitalia featured Creator/AnthonyQuinn as Quasimodo and Creator/GinaLollobrigida as Esmeralda.

For the Disney version, click [[Disney/HunchbackOfNotreDame here]].

!!These films provide examples of:

* BatteringRam: In all versions, Quasimodo drops a long piece of wood onto the rabble attacking Notre Dame and the rabble use it as an improvised battering ram.
* CountingToThree: In the 1939 version, when confronted with a begger who refuses to pay his share into the common fund, Clopin gives him to the count of three to reconsider -- and stabs him just as he says, "Three."
* DidNotGetTheGirl: Quasimodo in all versions.
* TheGrotesque: Quasimodo in all versions. Anthony Quinn's version is by far the least grotesque.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: The 1939 and 1956 versions feature King Louis XI of France.
* MyEyesAreUpHere: The 1939 version has sexually frustrated villain Frollo staring at Esmeralda's breasts when they meet for the first time.
* SparedByTheAdaptation: Quasimodo in the 1939 version, and Esmerelda in the 1923 and 1939 versions.
* ATasteOfTheLash: Quasimodo gets flogged in all versions.