'''''The Hot Rock''''' is a 1972 comic caper film written by William Goldman and directed by Peter Yates, starring Creator/RobertRedford, George Segal and Moses Gunn. The film was based upon Donald E. Westlake's novel of the same name, which introduced his long-running Dortmunder character.

After Dortmunder (Redford) is released from his latest stint in prison, he is approached by his brother-in-law, Andy Kelp (Segal), about another job. Dr. Amusa (Gunn) seeks a valuable gem in a Brooklyn museum that is of great significance to his people in his country in Africa, stolen during colonial times and then re-stolen by various African nations on multiple occasions since. Kelp and Dortmunder are joined by driver Stan Murch (Ron Leibman) and explosives expert Allan Greenberg (Paul Sand) and concoct an elaborate plan for stealing the gem from a museum in Brooklyn. Although the plan (and each subsequent plan) basically works, something always seems to go awry, and the quartet has to steal the diamond again and again.

First off, the diamond is eaten by Greenberg when he alone gets caught by the police during the initial heist. After Greenberg tells his partners where he hid the rock in the police precinct jail (after bodily disposing it), the quartet attempt another heist on the precinct. Although the plan works, the rock is nowhere to be found. It is later discovered that Greenberg's father Abe (Zero Mostel), a dishonest lawyer who bailed his son out of jail, was the only other person who knew where it was.

Despite the problems in getting the diamond, Dortmunder is determined to break what he calls the curse of the diamond.

!!''The Hot Rock'' contains examples of:

* CrimeAfterCrime: "I've heard of the habitual criminal, of course. But I never dreamed I'd become involved with the habitual CRIME."
* DoubleCaper
* EatTheEvidence: Greenberg swallows the diamond at the museum.
* TheHeist
* JustGotOutOfJail: Dortmunder at the start of the movie.
* MacGuffinTitle: The Rock itself is obviously the MacGuffin.
* MineralMacGuffin: The diamond. It reaches the point that the monetary value of the diamond is forgotten, and Dortmunder believes that the stone is cursed and his life will never run smoothly till he manages to successfully steal it.
* OpenSesame: At the end of the movie, Dortmunder finally gets the sought-after diamond after a bank guard was given a hypnotic suggestion. He casually utters the key words "Afghanistan banana stand" to the guard - there's some tension as the guard doesn't ''act'' hypnotized, but he does follow instructions and hands over the diamond.
* PlethoraOfMistakes: a textbook example.
* ASimplePlan
* StomachOfHolding: During the gang's attempt to rob the diamond for their client Dr. Amusa, member Greenberg swallows it before he's caught by the guards. During a brief stint in a city jail, it passes through his system and he stows it in the cell, now out of their reach.
-->'''Dr. Amusa''': Couldn't you have just...kept ''swallowing'' it?
-->'''Greenberg''': [queasily]...no.
* TriggerPhrase: "Afghanistan banana stand"
* VillainProtagonist