''The Horse Whisperer'' is the name of a 1995 novel by Nicholas Evans and of a 1998 film adaptation of it. The latter was directed by Creator/RobertRedford. The main stars were Redford himself (directing himself for the first time onscreen), Kristin Scott Thomas and Creator/ScarlettJohansson.

The film begins on a winter morning, with teenagers Grace [=MacLean=] (Johansson) and Judith (Kate Bosworth) taking their horses for a ride. An accident involving an icy slope and a truck results in Judith and her horse being instantly killed. Grace and her horse, Pilgrim, survive but are badly injured. Grace loses part of her leg in the subsequent surgery.

Some time later, the duo have recovered as well as expected. Their bodies are healthy, but the resulting trauma is everpresent. Grace is bitter and withdrawn, Pilgrim wild and uncontrollable. Annie [=MacLean=] (Scott Thomas) senses that the two will have to recover together. She calls for Tom Booker (Redford), the titular horse whisperer.

The story explores both the recovery and the mutual attraction developed between the two adults. Which is confusing for them as Annie is still married and Tom is recovering from a divorce. The film received mostly positive reviews. While critics praised the "exquisitively crafted, morally and thematically mature picture", several felt it was overly long and dull. It was also a box office hit, earning $186,883,563 worldwide. It earned $75,383,563 in the United States, the 27th most successful film of its year.
!!This film provides examples of:
* AndStarring: Creator/ScarlettJohansson receives an "Introducing" credit. [[Film/{{North}} It wasn't her first movie]] (it was her ''seventh'').
* GoodAdulteryBadAdultery in the book: Annie commits adultery because she's fallen in love with Tom Booker. The two of them are portrayed as nothing but sympathetic, despite the fact that Annie's deeply distressed daughter Grace is involved. Annie's husband is a nice guy and devoted family man. Tom [[spoiler:dies in order to save Grace's life in what could be construed as an act of RedemptionEqualsDeath]].
* InUniverseCatharsis: The experience both Grace and Pilgrim undergo.
* NoExceptYes: When Diane asks if Annie was fired, Annie denies it at first, and then admits, "Yeah, I was fired."
* NounVerber
* SparedByTheAdaptation: Tom Booker. [[spoiler: In the book, Tom Booker throws himself at a murderous wild stallion to solve Annie's choice between staying with her husband or going with Tom. Really, he does.]]
* SceneryPorn: Everything in Montana.