-->''There is a legend of a man who lives beneath the sea. He is the fisher of men, the last hope of all those who have been left behind...they call him [[TitleDrop The Guardian]]. ''

A 2006 film starring Creator/KevinCostner and Creator/AshtonKutcher, that centers around Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technicians, or rescue swimmers

Senior Chief Ben Randall is a legend among Coast Guard rescue swimmers. He has more than two hundred saves, holds all the records, and has been allowed to stay on past the usual retirement age. But then, a rescue mission goes terribly wrong. Out of his crew, only he survives.

After this, he is sent for some slower paced work training the next generation of rescue swimmers at the AST. There he throws out the usual training regimen in favor of a more practical curriculum, and very strict standards of performance. Here he meets Jake Fischer, a young swimming champ, who declares his intention to break all Randall's records. This starts a sort of rivalry between them, with Fischer trying to impress Randall, and Randall trying to get Fischer to quit or reveal the real reason he's in A-School. Eventually, they both realize that the other is being tormented by demons similar to his own, and that they are NotSoDifferent after all.

[[NamesTheSame Not to be confused]] with the [[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers British newspaper.]] Or the series Simon Baker was in before he was ''Series/TheMentalist''.

!! This film contains examples of:
* TheAce: Jake.
* TheAtoner: Randall [[spoiler: and Jake turns out to be this as well]].
* BarBrawl: Fischer and Hodge get into one with some Navy guys.
* BookEnds: The legend of the Guardian is told at the beginning and the end.
* CynicalMentor: Randall.
* {{Determinator}}: Hodge has washed out of A-School twice before.
* FeelingTheirAge: Randall begins to realize he's becoming more of a liability than an asset on rescue missions, especially when compared to [[TheAce Jake]] who's fresh out of training.
* FriendsWithBenefits: Fisher and Emily, until the very end when he decides he can't do casual anymore. [[RomanceEnsues Neither can she]].
* InterserviceRivalry: The Navy guys are portrayed as being {{Jerk Ass}}es to Jake and his buddies for no real reason besides this, leading to the aforementioned BarBrawl.
* {{Retirony}}: [[spoiler: Randall finally accepts a desk job, but when Fischer gets in trouble during a rescue, he goes out for one final run...]]
* ShellShockedVeteran: Randall wasn't in a war, but he's still haunted by that disasterous mission.
* SinkOrSwimMentor: Randall literally throws them in the pool on the first day to see who chokes. One does.
* SurvivorGuilt: Randall was the only one to come back from a rescue gone wrong.
* TakeAMomentToCatchYourDeath: At the end, Jake is trying to free the captain of a small ship from some machines that have him pinned. He manages to get him free and they take a moment to grin at each other, then a large wave rolls the ship over, throwing stuff all over and knocking the captain dead. [[FromBadToWorse And now Jake is trapped in a hold that is filling with water]].
* TrainingFromHell: Half the class is washed out in the first month.
* WellDoneSonGuy: Jake finally gets this from Randall.
* VeteranInstructor: Randall is this to both the class and the training cadre.