->''"Goonies never say die!"''

This 1985 adventure comedy is one of those ubiquitous films of TheEighties fans hold fond memories of, even today.

A small group of kids living on the "Goon Docks" of Astoria, Oregon are in dire straits: the owners of a local country club have threatened their families' homes with foreclosure so they can finish building a new addition to said country club. On one of their last days in the neighborhood, one of the "Goonies", Mikey (Creator/SeanAstin), discovers a TreasureMap in his attic. The map supposedly reveals where to find the treasure of infamous pirate One-Eyed Willie -- and it appears to lead somewhere underneath Astoria. Mikey and the rest of the Goonies decide to [[SavingTheOrphanage try saving their neighborhood]] by going after the treasure -- but to get it, they must outwit a trio of mobsters and survive numerous death traps designed to keep One-Eyed Willie's treasure safe from outsiders.

''The Goonies'' was the brainchild of three well-known directors: Creator/StevenSpielberg (executive producer/story), Creator/ChrisColumbus (screenplay [[note]]Though, at the time of this film, he wasn't quite famous yet... nor was he even a director. He made his debut in the director's chair two years later with ''Film/AdventuresInBabysitting''[[/note]]), and Creator/RichardDonner (director).

In addition to a {{Novelization}} by James Kahn, the film also received [[VideoGame/TheGoonies two licensed video games]]. A rumored sequel has been stuck in DevelopmentHell since TheOughts.

!! ''The Goonies'' contains examples of the following tropes:

* AbandonedArea: The restaurant. Maybe.
--> '''Mouth:''' This is a summer place? [[CobwebOfDisuse Looks like it hasn't been open for ''ten'' summers.]]
* AccidentalKiss: Andy accidentally kissed Mikey instead of Brand when they're under the wishing well. She doesn't know until the end, when she asks Brand where his braces went.
--> '''Andy:''' Brand, what happened to your braces?\\
'''Brand:''' I don't wear braces, Mikey wears...*realizes what she's saying*...Mikey! That little...\\
'''Andy:''' Ssshhh...*kisses him again*
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Most of Data's inventions have names which invoke this.
* AdultsAreUseless: When Mikey's mom sees Brand all tied up, instead of freeing him she asks why he can't exercise like a normal kid.
* ArtisticLicenseHistory: Somehow the British Navy chased pirate One-Eyed Willy up near the Oregon coast.
* ArtisticLicenseGeography: The Oregon coast seen in the movie is either on the Washington side of the Columbia River or some two dozen miles to the south. Neither is likely to be accessible to a gang of teens and pre-teens on bicycles.
** Putting the final scene on the river keeps it within bicycle range, but then Washington would show up on the other side of what would clearly be a River, rather than the ocean.
* AsianAndNerdy: Data, but it didn't make him any less of a badass when it came to facing danger.
* AsianSpeekeeEngrish: Data.
* AtomicFBomb: Mouth screams a curse as he falls down the waterfall into the lagoon where the ship is.
-->'''Mouth''': OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIIIIIT!!!!!! *splash*
* AvoidTheDreadedGRating: The word shit comes up several times. As do references to drugs like cocaine and heroin, and "sexual torture devices".
* BatScare: When Brand removes a rock blocking further passage into the tunnel leading to One-Eyed Willy's hideout, he calls out to see if anybody's there, and a swarm of bats come flying out of the hole, scaring the Goonies.
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: Not that he articulates it (and might not even be able to properly), but Chunk is the first person to really treat Sloth like a fellow person. It's no surprise when Sloth proceeds to help Chunk (and by extension, the rest of Chunk's friends) later.
* BerserkButton: First when Mouth tells Chunk he has naked pictures of his mom taking a bath, real cheap, forcing Chunk to break the door open. Second, averted, when Chunk accidentally breaks the water cooler he was drinking from when Mouth thought of putting chocolate on the floor so he can eat through. "Okay Mouth, that's all I can stand and I can't stand no more!"
* BigEater:
** Chunk is always eating or hungry in every scene.
** Sloth has quite an appetite as well, which is how he and Chunk first bond.
** When the Goonies hear Sloth growling, Stef thought it was his GrowlingGut.
* BiggerBad: Could be applied to One-Eyed Willy as, having been dead for around 350 years, he plays no direct role in the plot and all that is seen of him is his mortal remains. However the heroes must battle through his traps to reach his treasure and Mikey certainly views their quest as a personal duel between himself and Willy. Also, in his time, Willy was a far greater BigBad than the Fratellis (he did [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking kill all of his men]]) and Ma Fratelli seems to regard his corpse with a certain mutual criminal reverence.
-->'''Mikey''': Come on One-Eyed Willy, what does this have to do with the map? Is this just another one of your tricks?\\
'''Mikey''': We've got you now One-Eyed Willy, we're coming up right behind you!\\
'''Mikey''': I made it, I beat you.\\
'''Ma Fratelli''': Thank you Mr Willy, thank you. You've made my day.
** Perkins counts, given that he's the reason why the Goonies went on their quest in the first place; he tried to demolish the Goon Docks for a golf course expansion to his nearby country club.
* BigScrewedUpFamily: The Fratellis.
* BilingualBonus: The gangsters are the infamous Fratelli Brothers and their mother. Fratelli means "brothers" in Italian.
** When Chunk realizes he's been caught by the Fratellis ''again'', the words he mumbles -- before he starts screaming -- are the beginning of a Hebrew prayer.
* BlatantLies: Francis, with his, "I DON'T WEAR A HAIRPIECE!" In the very next scene, when he's fighting with Jake, the toupee flaps right off his head.
** He took his toupee off when the bats were coming out.
* BlindWithoutEm: Stef, although it's really just a couple instances of "I can't see a thing"; it's not really played for comedy or anything.
* BoobyTrap: Or, as Data [[AsianSpeekeeEngrish would call them]], "Booty Traps". This film is ''swimming'' with them.
* {{Bowdlerize}}: Obviously, all instances of the kids swearing is cut when this film airs on television, however it's worth noting, when ABC Family airs this movie, most of Andy's [[PantyShot panty shots]] are cut from the film. In one shot, her minishirt is even ''digitally painted'' to cover up her panties!
* BreakingTheBonds: Sloth pulls his chains right out of the wall to retrieve Chunk's Baby Ruth candybar.
* BuffySpeak: Mikey (and sometimes his friends) keeps referring to the treasure as One-Eyed Willy's "rich stuff".
* BunglingInventor: Data and his father. "You guys I've been saved by my [[GrapplingHookPistol Pinchers of Peril]]!"
* ButtMonkey: Chunk.
* TheCameo: Cyndi Lauper appears as herself, on TV, singing "The Goonies R Good Enough."
* TheCanKickedHim: Troy is launched into the ceiling of the country club bathroom when the Goonies are fooling around with the PipeMaze.
* CaveMouth: There is a skull-shaped cave entrance.
* CensorshipBySpelling: "Holy S-H-I-T!"
** According to Quan, his mom wouldn't allow him to curse in the movie.
* ChaseScene: The film begins with Jake Fratelli breaking out of jail followed by a car chase.
* ChekhovsGun: Mikey's marble bag and the candles(more specifically, the [[DynamiteCandle one with writing on it]]) the kids find.
* ChekhovsSkill:
** Sloth's watching of an Errol Flynn film earlier in the film comes in handy at the climax.
** Andy's piano lessons when she was four.
** Mouth's fluency in Spanish.
* ChildhoodBrainDamage: It's implied that Sloth's deformity was caused by being dropped as a baby. When Ma Fratelli tries to calm him down by singing "Rock-a-bye Baby", Sloth reacts to the line "the cradle will fall" as if it has unearthed RepressedMemories, precipitating his HeelFaceTurn.
-->'''Ma Fratelli:''' I only dropped you once! Okay, maybe twice!
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong: Chunk bitches the most about everything that takes place, and is chewed out by every other person in the movie for it. Yet he turns out to be completely right about the Fratellis and what they're up to.
** Though to be fair, he's always been CryingWolf.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: [[spoiler: One-Eyed Willy and his mates.]]
* CommunityThreateningConstruction: The Goonies are inspired to go on their adventure (or at least the one in the film) due to the threat of their houses being foreclosed upon to build a new golf course.
* ContrivedCoincidence: [[spoiler:Mikey stops Data from taking from one particular platter of coins while they raid One-Eyed Willy's treasure. Ma Fratelli later lifts the same platter, and it trips the final trap which releases the ship from the cavern.]]
* ConvenientlyPreciseTranslation: The treasure map is in Spanish, but when translated into English, it becomes rhyming verse. No one even stops to consider how unusual this is.
* CounterfeitCash: "Fifty-dollar bill... ''Fifty-dollar bill! FIFTY-DOLLAR BILL!!''"
* CoversAlwaysLie: Chunk is with the rest of the Goonies in several VHS and DVD covers. But in the movie, he doesn't meet up with them until the climax.
* CreatorCameo:
** Creator/RichardDonner, the director, is one of the guys on the [=ATVs=] near the end of the film.
---> "Well, I'll be damned, it's them goobers!"
** Donner's motorhome also appears in a camera shot of Mikey and Brand on their house's patio.
* CryingWolf: Chunk.
* DeadpanSnarker:
** This being an 80s movie, pretty much all of the kids had a silver tongue at some point, from Chunk to Data.
** Hell, Mama Fratelli gets in on this as well:
-->'''Mouth''': ''(pointing at the cup of reddish liquid)'' It's supposed to be water?\\
'''Fratelli''': It's wet, ain't it? ''Drink it!''
** And later, when the Fratellis find the body of Chester Copperpot.
--> '''Jake:''' ''(checking the wallet)'' Looks like they picked him clean, Ma.\\
'''Mother Fratelli:''' Sure, right before they ate him.\\
'''Francis:''' Stupid.
* DroppedGlasses: Stef drops her glasses and Mikey accidentally steps on them.
* DudeMagnet: Andy. Troy wants her. Brand wants her. And Mikey clearly does ''not'' mind her kissing him passionately.
* DurableDeathTrap: All those booby traps set by Willie so many years ago still seem to work just fine.
* DynamiteCandle: A rare example of combining this with ChekhovsGun; when the Goonies find Chester Copperpot's body, they pick through his satchel and find a bunch of candles, which the camera lingers on long enough to notice one "candle" has some kind of writing on it. Most of them actually ''are'' candles, which are used throughout the movie. In the penultimate scene, they're down to the last "candle", which of course is ''not'' a candle.
-->'''Data''': This funny candle, it sparkling.\\
'''Brand''': [[OhCrap That's not a candle, it's-]]\\
'''Everyone''': '''''DYNAMITE!!!'''''
* EthnicMenialLabor: Rosalita.
* EvilLaugh:
** Francis Fratelli makes a passable, if rather high-pitched attempt at one.
** Sloth has a triumphant EvilLaugh after Mikey pushes the food tray towards him.
* EvilMatriarch: Mama Fratelli.
* ExactWords: When Chunk is told to confess "everything", he does just that by telling the Fratellis all the bad things he did.
* EyelessFace: Partially applies to One-Eyed Willy.
* TheFamilyForTheWholeFamily: Ma Fratelli and her sons, in this case a ''literal'' family fit for the whole family.
* FatCamp: One of the things Chunk confesses to when caught by the Fratellis was being sent to a fat camp and getting kicked out for pigging out.
* FictionalDocument: The {{Novelization}} uses these to set the scene; excerpts from local Astoria newspaper articles, first detailing the escape of Jake Fratelli, and later covering the “rescue” of the kids, the arrests and prosecution of the Fratelli gang. They also detail the HappilyEverAfter - which is ''really'' happy.
* FictionFiveHundred: One-Eyed Willy
* FirstKiss: [[spoiler: Mikey with Andy.]]
* FramedClue: The TreasureMap.
* [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Funny Foreground Event]]: Brand standing with the others in the attic talking about One-Eyed Willy, and he's apparently more interested in trying to catch a fly or something. During the commentary, Josh Brolin admits he has ''no'' idea what he's doing in that scene.
* GentleGiant: "Sloth love Chunk!"
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: [[DoubleEntendre One-Eyed Willy]]. Other penis jokes in the film are incredibly overt, however.
** "That's my mom's most favorite piece."
* GoldFever: It's very subtle, but The Goonies do get more irritable and impatient with each other when they reach the ship. Played harshly straight in the backstory with One Eyed Willy and his mates.
* GoodBadTranslation: Just read the subtitles when Mouth "translates" to Rosalita for Mrs. Walsh.
-->'''Rosalita:''' [in Spanish; subtitled] My God, I'm in a crazy house!
* GratuitousSpanish: Rosalita.
* GroinAttack: Data's "Pinchers of Peril" bite onto Francis Fratelli's groin when they confront him on the pirate ship.
* TheGrotesque: Sloth. He also qualifies as a {{Gonk}}.
* HappilyEverAfter: Detailed in the {{Novelization}} through a series of [[FictionalDocument excerpts from the Astoria newspaper]]; because of salvage laws, ''Mikey owns One-Eyed Willie's ship and everything on it.'' As a result, having paid off the loans, the developers are unable to build their golf course, and have to sell the property - and because no-one else in the area has the money ''the Goonies' parents buy everything.'' The land already bulldozed becomes low-cost housing. The country club which the developers built ahead of time becomes a community center. Their parents also build a children’s center, a Chinese restaurant, a plumbing supply house, a fish market, and a public-access invention laboratory. The museum that Mikey's dad chairs even gets a new addition; One-Eyed Willy's ship! The last article is a notice of the Bar Mitzvah for Jason “Sloth” Cohen, the newly adopted son of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cohen.
* HeroStoleMyBike: "I owe you one."
* HesDeadJim: "It's a STIFF!"
* HeyWait: After the kids have glued the statue's broken piece[[note]]genitalia[[/note]] back on, Mrs. Walsh comes in and notices the odd way they're all crowded around it on the coffee table. Awkward silence, then...
-->'''Mrs. Walsh''': What is ''that''?\\
'''Chunk''': Oh shit, what?\\
'''Mrs. Walsh''': ''What'' is ''that?! ''(camera cuts to some spilled potato chips on the floor)'' That is a ''mess''! I want it cleaned up, boys!
* HiddenDepths: Mouth in the wishing well.
-->'''Stef''': Wait, stop, stop! You can't do this.\\
'''Mikey''': Why?\\
'''Stef''': Because these are somebody else's wishes. They're somebody else's dreams.\\
'''Mouth''': Yeah, but you know what? ''This'' one, ''this'' one right here? This was ''my'' dream, my wish. And it didn't come true. So I'm taking it back. I'm taking them all back.
* HitYouSoHardYourXWillFeelIt: Brand threatens Mikey this way he and the other kids tie him to a chair:
-->'''Brand:''' I am going to hit all of you so hard that when you wake up, your clothes will be out of style!
* HomemadeInventions: The gadgets made by Data and his father.
* HowMuchDidYouHear: Mikey to the other Goonies.
-->'''Mikey''': How long have you guys been standing there?\\
'''Brand''': [[OneLinerNameOneLiner Long enough, Mikey. Long enough.]]
** Ma Fratelli to the Goonies.
-->'''Ma Fratelli''': How long you boys been at that window?\\
'''Mouth''': Long enough to see you need about 400 Roach Motels in this place.
* HuddleShot
* HulkSpeak: Sloth. "Sloth love Chunk!"
* HumanResources: Many of the traps or their triggers are built of human bones, including (somehow) the pipe organ.
* HumiliationConga: In the {{Novelization}}, the Goonies do more than just save their homes. There's enough money from the treasure left over that they [[KickTheSonOfABitch buy the country club and then raze it]], putting in a new museum, affordable housing, and other buildings.
* HyperAwareness: Simply by smelling them, Chunk can tell what toppings are on a pizza, the same goes for ice cream flavors in a locked freezer.
* IllKillYou: Mikey does this when his brother Brandon (AKA: Brand) calls him an "adopted wuss".
--->'''Mikey:''' I'm no adopted wuss! I'll kill you, Brand!
* ImpossibleMissionCollapse: A very fast acting example occurs near the end:
-->'''Andy:''' What about the Fratellis?\\
'''Stef:''' Yeah, those creeps are still after us!\\
'''Mikey:''' I have an idea. I saw this in an old HardyBoys episode. We leave a trail of gems leading into one cave while we hide out in another. And when they go into that cave, we'll make a run for it.\\
'''Mama Fratelli:''' Now, that sounds like a great idea!
* ItsTheJourneyThatCounts: Played with. By searching for One-Eyed Willy's treasure, the friends all get even closer, Brand and Mikey prove [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther they really do love each other]], Andy learns she's a Goonie and tosses Troy aside, and they all come to realize they don't need money as long as they have each other. (Mikey apologizes to his dad for having to give up the treasure to save themselves, but his father is only glad to have him and Brand back safe and sound.) But not only did they help capture the Fratellis and give Sloth a home, so good was accomplished, but the gems in Mikey's marble bag will save the town from the country club developer, [[SweetAndSourGrapes so they don't have to leave Astoria after all]].
* JerkJock: Troy.
* KickTheDog: Troy driving Brand off the road while he's on the child-sized bike. [[DisproportionateRetribution Just for talking to his girl Andy.]]
* TheKlutz: Chunk. Mikey even [[ExploitedTrope uses]] Chunk's clumsiness to break the TreasureMap from its frame. "What'd you break this time, Chunk?"
* LeaveYourQuestTest: When Troy offers the Goonies rescue via the well.
* LighthousePoint: Where the entrance to the caves is located.
* LoadBearingHero: Sloth holds up a boulder to let the Goonies escape.
* Magazine/{{MAD}}: ''Goofies'' - in which there are six kids in the gang rather than seven (Stef is absent for some reason; presumably Martha Plimpton wouldn't allow her likeness to be used).
* MadwomanInTheAttic: Sloth, in this case in the CreepyBasement.
* {{Malaproper}}: Mrs. Walsh, Mikey Walsh, Data... Both Mikey and Data are called out on when they mention "booty traps".
** In fact, Brand is the only member of the Walsh clan that ''doesn't'' do this.
--->'''Mrs. Walsh''': Brandon, don't you come home without your brother, or I'll commit Hare Krishna!\\
'''Brandon''': That's "[[{{Seppuku}} Hara Kiri]]", ma.\\
'''Mrs. Walsh''': That is exactly what I said!
* MetaphorIsMyMiddleName: Mouth invokes this.
-->'''Mrs. Walsh''': You are so fluent in Spanish. That was so nice of you.\\
'''Mouth''': "Nice" is my middle name, Mrs. Walsh.
* MisfitMobilizationMoment: See RousingSpeech.
* MistakenConfession: "Okay! I'll talk!"
* MsFanservice: Andy, by way of ShesGotLegs and PantyShot.
--> "Don't I have a beautiful body?! ''Don't I have a beautiful body?!?''"
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: During Chunk's "confession" to The Fratellis he says the worst thing he ever did was mixed up a bunch of fake puke, took it to a movie theater, went to the balcony and poured it on the people below and everyone in the audience started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. He had never felt so bad in his entire life.
* NearVillainVictory: Although the Fratellis are captured, the last booby trap cuts everyone off from the treasure (and releases the ''Inferno'' out to sea) so that the whole adventure seems to have been nothing. But then, right as Mikey's dad is about to sign the SmugSnake developer's contract, Rosalita [[JustInTime happens to check Mikey's marble bag]]...
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Data accidentally shoves Andy into the bone organ's keys, causing a wrong note and collapsing the floor all around them after fending off Jake and Francis. Whoops.
* NobodyPoops: Averted. The gang stops to go to "the little boys' room" and "the little girls' room", though Brand elects to go to the "'''men''''s room".
* NotSoDifferent:
** Mike and One-Eyed Willie both have a fondness for Rube Goldberg devices (some are remarkably similar; Mikey's starts with a bowling ball and Willie's starts with a cannonball). Also, Mikey and Willie both have disabilities, Mikey with his asthma and Willie's one eye. To make it even more obvious, the {{Novelization}} says that Willie had asthma, too.
** Chunk discovers that Sloth also has a love for sweet things, especially chocolate.
* OhCrap: The Fratellis' reaction when Sloth reveals his Superman shirt.
** Chunk's reaction when he sees the ORV with bullet holes parked in the garage of the old restaurant. The same ORV he saw being chased by the police earlier in the film.
** Chunk again when he calls a car to help him get the police... and sees that Jake Fratelli is the driver.
* OilSlick: Data's "Slick Shoes" invention is essentially the vehicular version in a shoe-sized package. He successfully applies it to a mast that crosses a river while being chased by the villains.
* OneLiner: When Andy worries that Chunk might be dead, Mike retorts with, "Goonies never say die!" and continues his RousingSpeech.
* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass: The Goonies are tested by various booby traps, the most memorable a musical riddle.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: When the TreasureMap is first found and Mikey asks Mouth to translate the Spanish on it, he begins with his typical snarky attitude, hamming it up and overdoing the Spanish/pirate accent...but by the end of the first stanza, as it sinks in just what they've found (and how threatening the lines are), this slowly fades, until he speaks rather quietly and slowly, with a rather pale face. Played for more comedy later, when Mama Fratelli realizes that Mouth is being oddly silent. She forces him to open up and fishes out a comically large amount of treasure from it.
* TheOtherRainforest: Set and filmed in Astoria, Oregon. How a Spanish Main-era pirate got there is anyone's guess.
* PantyShot: [[MsFanservice Andy in several scenes.]] Most notably where she falls off the ship's plank into the lagoon.
* PeekABooCorpse: Aside from the dead FBI agent in the freezer, at least one example occurs with one of Willy's crew on the deck of the ship. There's also the variation of the dead animal on the rake handle that Stef steps on, and of course [[ThisWayToCertainDeath Chester Copperpot]].
* PetTheDog: Mikey gives Sloth his food, but runs away after seeing his face.
* PipeMaze: They run into one of these underground. Banging on the pipes to make noise ends up causing chaos for the country club above them. Sloth causes even more trouble when he pushes a pipe upwards, apparently leading to a traffic accident above.
* {{Pirate}}: One-Eyed Willy.
* PirateBooty: The ship is full of it.
* PostKissCatatonia: Mikey after being accidentally kissed by Andy.
* PrettyLittleHeadshots: The corpse in the freezer was shot in the head, yet the bullethole is so tiny and clean that it looks more like the Fratellis whacked him by putting a cigarette out on his forehead. No exit wound, either.
* ProductPlacement: Chunk is all over the product placement, famously befriending Sloth with a Baby Ruth candy bar. Pepsi makes several label-out appearances, also Domino's Pizza, and others. The Jeep Cherokee comes out looking real good too.
** Mikey reads ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'', which was and is co-owned with Creator/WarnerBros. They did a parody anyway.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: "There will be no more SIGNING! TODAY! OR EVER! AGAIN!"
* RichSuitorPoorSuitor: Troy and Brand, respectively, for Andy.
* RubeGoldbergDevice:
** The gate opener at Mikey's house.
** A number of the booby traps.
** [[spoiler:And the device that collapses the cave and frees the ship at the end.]]
* RousingSpeech: [[TheHero Mikey's]] speech convinces the Goonies to continue following the TreasureMap after the JerkJock offers them a chance to be rescued.
-->'''Mikey''': Chester Copperpot! Don't you guys see? Don't you realize? He was a ''pro'' and he never made it this far! Look how far ''we've'' come. We've got a chance!
* RunningGag: A character will mispronounce something, another character will supply the correct word and the first character will claim that's what they said.
* SavingTheOrphanage: If by orphanage you mean "Goon Docks", then yes, this is the motivating factor behind the adventure.
* ShipTease: Between Mouth and Stef. A ''whole'' damn lot of it.
** The exchange they have in the deleted convenience store scene just reeks of FoeYay:
--> '''Stef''': You still smell like a plumber's son.\\
'''Mouth''': And you still smell like a fisherman's daughter.
* ShipshapeShipwreck: One-Eyed Willie's 350-year-old pirate ship actually sails out onto the open seas at the end. While the ship is not submerged, it has been sitting in water for three centuries in a wet, brackish cavern with lots of moisture dripping from stalactites. Aside from the skeleton of Willie, the ship and even its sails appear to be in fairly good condition.
* ShoutOut:
** To ''Film/{{Superman}}'', one of director Richard Donner's previous films. A few notes from the famous theme are played when Sloth reveals he's wearing a Superman T-shirt.
** "Just like that last prank about all those [[Film/{{Gremlins}} little creatures that multiply when you throw water at them]]." This is also an allusion to another project one of the creators previous worked on, as Chris Columbus, the screenwriter for the movie, also wrote the original screenplay for ''Gremlins''. In addition, Corey Feldman was in that film, too.
** Sloth is first seen wearing a Los Angeles Raiders T-shirt (when the film was shot, the Raiders were based in LA. They have since moved back to Oakland). John Matuszak, who portrayed Sloth, formerly played for the Raiders.
** Sloth's "Hey you guys!" is a literal ShoutOut to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFYMijdQ_sA Rita Moreno's famous intro]] in ''Series/TheElectricCompany1971''.
** Mouth imitates [[MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]] using his comb in place of a cigar when he delivers the "You wouldn't be here if it wasn't" line.
* SlipperySkid: Data's "Slick Shoes" lead to some nut-crunching acrobatics by the Fratelli brothers.
* SongsInTheKeyOfLock: The pipe organ.
* TemptingFate: After Chunk falls off the couch with the statue.
-->'''Chunk''': You thought I was gonna drop it, didn't you? ''(immediately drops it)''
* TenSecondFlashlight: A non-video-game example: Data activates his "Bully Blinders" because nobody else brought a flashlight to the cave. While the intense light does indeed blind the rest of the gang for a few moments, it also burns out the batteries just as quickly.
* TentativeLight
* TheyKnowTooMuch: The main reason the Fratellis go after the Goonies [[spoiler: in the tunnels is because the kids know who they are and where their hideout is.]]
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodSandwich: Francis threw a slice of pizza at Jake during one of their arguments.
-->'''Jake:''' ''(throws a bucket at Francis)'' He was eating my pepperoni.\\
'''Francis:''' ''(pulls his gun out)'' You want your pepperoni? Huh? Huh! ''(throws a slice at Jake's face, prompting him to pull his gun)''
* ThirdPersonPerson: Sloth. Also Data, occasionally.
-->'''Data''': Data's okay. But Data's tired of falling and Data's tired of skeletons.
* ThisWayToCertainDeath: The characters run across the long-dead body of treasure hunter Chester Copperpot in their search for One-Eyed Willy's ship. Some of them want to turn back, but Mikey convinces them that this is a ''good'' sign, because it means that they're on the right track, and they have already got farther than a professional treasure hunter.
* TokenGoodTeammate[=/=]WhiteSheep: Sloth is the only kind-hearted Fratelli.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Steph and Andy.
* TreasureMap
* TrickedOutShoes: Data has them, and despite his fellow Goonies' skepticism, they come in handy.
-->'''Mouth and Mikey''': Slick Shoes? Are you ''crazy?!''
* TrollingTranslator: Mrs. Walsh asks Mouth, [[ChekhovsSkill who can speak Spanish]], to translate her instructions to Rosalita, who doesn't know any English.
-->'''Mrs. Walsh:''' Pants and shirts are in the second. Just throw them all into cardboard boxes. Forget the suitcases. Clark, can you translate all of that?\\
'''Mouth:''' Why certainly, Mrs. Walsh.\\
'''Mrs. Walsh:''' That's wonderful.\\
'''Mouth:''' (''to Rosalita, in Spanish'') The marijuana goes in the top drawer. The cocaine and speed in the second. The heroin in the bottom. Always separate the drugs.

-->'''Mrs. Walsh:''' Now Rosalita, this is the attic. Mr. Walsh doesn't like anybody up here, ever. That's why it's always open.\\
'''Mouth:''' (''in Spanish'') Never go up there. It's filled with Mr. Walsh's sexual torture devices.

-->'''Mrs. Walsh:''' This is my supply closet. You'll find everything you need: brooms, dustpans, insect spray. I would really like the house clean when they tear it down. Clark, can you translate?\\
'''Mouth:''' (''in Spanish'') If you do a bad job you'll be locked in here with the cockroaches, for two weeks without food and water.\\
'''Mrs. Walsh:''' Okay, Rosie? Okay? You're going to be very happy here. Come on, Clark, we've got much more to do. You're so fluent in languages!\\
'''Rosalita:''' (''in Spanish'') My God, I'm in a crazy house!
* UndeadAuthor: According to the legend, One-Eyed Willie killed off all of his men after making the map; when asked how the map and story got out, Mikey comments that he asked his dad this too, and his dad said one of them must have escaped. The scene of the crime seems to imply that Willie and his top officers all killed each other off fighting over the treasure at the table - meaning that the survivor who escaped with the map was [[RedemptionEarnsLife even smarter than Willy.]]
-->'''Mikey:''' I know how these guys must have died. What a mess.
* TheUnfavourite: Mama favors Francis over Jake.
-->'''Jake''': You always take his side, Mama. You always liked him better than me.\\
'''Mama''': (''Smacks Jake'') That's right!
* VomitChainReaction: Chunk claims he accidentally started one in a movie theater as a result of a practical joke involving fake puke. He admits he felt bad for doing it.
* WalkThePlank: Mama Fratelli makes Andy walk the plank off the pirate ship.
* WorkplaceAcquiredAbilities: Andy is able to save her friends from a deadly trap on account of the fact she took piano lessons when she was four years old.
* TheWorldsExpertOnGettingKilled: Treasure hunter Chester Copperpot got killed by the first pirate booby trap he encountered. The Goonies decide to be inspired by the fact that they've made it farther than the expert.
* WorthyOpponent: Mikey very much treats One-Eyed Willy this way. And in an odd way, when Mikey warns the others not to take the treasure from the scales because "that's Willy's", the following reaction shot of his skeleton almost seems to suggest ''he'' respected Mikey for understanding that.
** It could also suggest Willy's relieved because touching his treasure from the scales would set up another booby trap.
* ZillionDollarBill: One-Eyed Willy's treasure. Most of the treasure is lost completely, but the handful of gems that Mikey holds onto is enough to save the Goon Docks from being turned into a country club. (One flawless two-carat - that's .4 grams - Burmese ruby is valued at more than ''fifty thousand dollars''.)
** Once the ship makes its escape to sea, you could assume a salvage convoy would bring it back in within a couple days and get a massive finder's fee for the Goonies. And besides that, when Mikey brings the jewels off the ship, he hasn't just laid claim to a few pretty rocks -- under US and international maritime salvage law, the rights to a salvage vessel and its contents go to the person(s) who first successfully salvage something from a vessel. Since Mikey was that person for One-Eyed Willy's ship, ''the ship and everything on it is rightfully his.''
** In the {{Novelization}}, the results of the adventure result in enough funds -- even after everyone pays off their leases -- to not only buy the (now-unfinishable and worthless) country club and [[KickTheSonOfABitch raze it]] to build affordable housing, but add numerous local fixtures (such as a brand new museum for Mikey's dad to chair).