''The FP'' is a 2011 film directed by and starring Jason Trost and co-directed by [[SiblingTeam his brother Brandon]] who would later go on to make ''All Superheroes Must Die'', about two rival gangs, the 248 and the 245, fighting over one of the last few inhabitable places in a dystopian future. That place? Frazier Park, also known as [[TitleDrop the FP]]. Their method of combat: ''Beat Beat Revelation''.
!! This movie provides examples of:
* BlandNameProduct: The method of combat used to fight for the FP is a rip-off of ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution'' known as ''Beat Beat Revelation''.
* FamilyThemeNaming: The characters J-TRO and B-TRO.
* HowMuchMoreCanHeTake: J-TRO is forced into playing ''Beat Beat Revelation''[[spoiler:while under the influence of a drink that was spiked with narcotics. He begins hallucinating, yet he still manages to win]].
* InitialismTitle: ''The FP'', which stands for Frazier Park, the setting.
* MundaneMadeAwesome: Two cliques in the sleepy mountain town of Frazier Park playing a video game to settle disputes is turned into an cyberpunk battle between good and evil.
* NWordPrivileges: [[FunWithAcronyms Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished.]]
* PokeThePoodle, the heroes fight the villain because he's assumed control of the local liquor store and refuses service to people who aren't his friends. With no liquor, there are no bums, and with no bums, no one feeds the ducks. "How's a nigga gonna sort his shit out without ducks?!?"
* SeriousBusiness: Battles for gang territory are fought with a DDR-style dance game.