'''''The Evil''''' is a 1978 horror film.

Professor C.J. Arnold and his wife Caroline has rented the old Vargas house for summer. As they start renovating the place with volunteers consisting of Arnold's students, they discover that the house is more than it seems.

!!Examples in this film:

* ClosedCircle: The house shuts itself after C.J. removes the cross in the basement.
* CreepyBasement
* DeathByMocking: Pete.
* DemonicPossession: Mary's dog Kaiser becomes possessed, and later kills her.
* {{Diary}}: Vargas's diary provide some answers regarding the house.
* EvilLaugh: Supernatural attacks are accompanied by evil laughter.
* {{Fainting}}: Caroline faints after she hears the evil laugh after Mary's death
* ForgingScene: After finding Vargas's diary, Caroline sees a vision of a cross being forged in the fireplace.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Raymond gives a slap to Laurie when she becomes hyserical.
* HauntedHouse: Vargas's ghost is still around.
* HellGate: The house was built on one, which was then shut by Vargas.
* HollywoodDarkness
* HopeSpot: Raymond gets out of the house, only to sink into the ground.
* HostileWeather: Storm breaks out before the cast ends locked up inside the house.
* LockedIntoStrangeness: It is said tat Vargas's hair turned completely into white before he died.
* ManInWhite: [[spoiler:{{Satan}}]]
* ManOnFire: Sam the caretaker ends up in flames when he goe to investigate srange noise in the basement.
* PeekabooCorpse: Sam's body gives a scare to Felecia and Mary.
* SuperWindowJump: Raymond performs one when he sees a way out.
* TitleDrop: "I sealed the pit, and you released the evil!"
* TokenMinority: Felecia.