''[[TwentyMinutesIntotheFuture The year 2020.]] The maintenance ship SPACECORE 1 is on a routine "refac" mission. The refabs are fixers. Their purpose is to repair nuclear-armed satellites orbiting high above the earth. Due to the atomic capabilities of these satellites, refabbing is considered dangerous... Very dangerous.''

The Dark Side of the Moon is a Sci-Fi/Horror film made in 1990. The ship Spacecore 1 mysteriously loses power while on a rountine maintenance mission of nuclear-armed satellites. Miraculously they find a drifting space shuttle that is over 30 years old where they can replenish their oxygen. They also find aboard the corpse of its single pilot. What follows is a string of possessions, murders, paranoia and the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the ultimate source of evil.

!!''The Dark Side of the Moon'' provides examples of:

* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Or in this case, Absurdly Spacious Spacecraft. The interior shots of the shuttle make it look labyrinthine and far larger than an actual space shuttle.
** Which makes sense when you realise that it actually is bigger than a real life Space Shuttle. The ''Discovery 18'''s external shots make that much clear.
* BadMoonRising:
* TheBermudaTriangle:
* [[spoiler: ChestBurster]]
* TheDevil
* NothingIsScarier: Before the aforementioned heartbeat, there is 15 seconds of complete silence.
* PeoplePuppets: