The second Discworld adaption by Sky One, ''The Colour of Magic'' adapts the Discworld novel [[Discworld/TheColourOfMagic of the same name]], as well as ''Discworld/TheLightFantastic''.

In the fantastical Discworld's resident WretchedHive, Ankh-Morpork, the Disc's first tourist, the naive Twoflower, finds himself the target of much attention and confusion on arrival. Soon hooking up with cowardly "wizzard" Rincewind, the two embark on a comedy of errors which leads them on one adventure after another (such as introducing the concept of insurance to a greedy public, falling afoul of the upwardly mobile Trymon of Unseen University, encountering imaginary dragons and octogenarian barbarians, and accidentally saving the world), merrily skewering fantasy cliches along the way.

The movie focuses more on Unseen University in ''The Colour of Magic'' part than the original book, as well as having Vetinari's character more resemble his later interpretations.
* AccidentalUnfortunateGesture: Twoflower performs one in the bar. Thankfully the possibility of a large payment makes Broadman just correct him so he knows the V-sign with the middle and index fingers should be made with the palm facing the recipient. He also has a little drawing in his tourist book showing the palm-forward sign meaning "Two", and the palm-back sign meaning "F&@# Off!"
* ActorAllusion: The way [[SeanAstin Twoflower]] says "[[MemeticMutation PO-TAY-TOES]]" can only be this.
* AdaptationDistillation: Compared to the original books, the story has been streamlined and given more focus. Particularly the ''Colour of Magic'' episode cuts a lot of the excess plot lines and asides (and several characters) in order to give more focus to the Krullians and the wizards at Unseen University. The trip to the temple of Bel-Shamharoth is left out entirely, though Twoflower does keep wanting to go there.
* AdaptationExpansion:
** Trymon's role in the story was expanded significantly. While Trymon makes a few half-hearted attempts to bump off Weatherwax in the book and simply reaped the benefits of deaths he didn't actually cause, in the film he takes a far more active role in bumping off his superiors.
** We get to see quite a bit more of the Librarian, pre-monkeyfication. He was already quite orangutan-like even before being transformed.
* AgeLift: Rincewind's age is explicitly given as 33 in the books; here, he's played by David Jason, who was in his late sixties when filming took place. However, other than changing Rincewind's extended period of study at Unseen University from a decade or two to exactly forty years, it doesn't actually impact on the plot much.
* ArthurianLegend: The magical sword that Rincewind picks up mentions being cast into a lake and being in an anvil.
* BloodlessCarnage
* {{Bowdlerise}}: Rincewind's infamous "All Gods are bastards" quote is changed to "All Gods are idiots" - which is not so bad (after all, it was originally shown on a family channel at prime time), [[SpecialEffectsFailure except]] that David Jason can clearly be seen mouthing the word "bastards", and the dubbed-over audio cuts in so clunkily with "idiots" that at first it seems like another character has interrupted him from off-screen. This is even the case in the DVD release, not even as an optional cleaned-up audio track, but as the only one available, and so can't be turned off.
* TheCameo: Creator/TerryPratchett makes an appearance as an Astrozoologist and has the last line in the movie.
* CorrespondenceCourse: Used to cover up a plot hole left from the book-to-film adaptation.
* DyeingForYourArt: Although the Agatean culture hasn't been established yet, Sean Astin's Twoflower is still shown to have black hair in this version.
* DriventoSuicide: Rincewind after he's expelled from the Unseen University. Fortunately he's saved by a crate that moves in beneath his feet. This is done to establish the fact that everytime he's close to certain death, he will always be saved at the last minute.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Horace makes quite a few references to monkeying around and going ape while he still has vocal chords suitable for the job.
* ElmuhFuddSyndwome: Vetinari, which pretty much comes out of nowhere.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Lots. Especially if the Luggage is in the background of a shot.
* GenderFlip: Several, most notably several male dragonriders from the book were removed and their roles given to Liessa, turning her into a CompositeCharacter.
** Also Ninereeds the dragon, who is referred to as male in the book, but is pretty clearly female in the movie.
** One of Herenna's goons is changed to female.
* TheGrimReaper: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Death ]]
, of course.
* HawaiianShirtedTourist: Twoflower.
* IronicEcho: An example where the line "goodbye, world" has been said both times in bad situations: the first when Rincewind was [[DriventoSuicide about to jump into the river Ankh]], and the second where he's falling off the edge of the world and sees the red star, thinking back to his conversation with Twoflower as to what he should name it. "I'll give it a name: ''goodbye world''."
* KlingonPromotion: Trymon gets to the top this way (Dead Man's Pointy Shoes, as it's called in the story).
* MythologyGag: Shortly before he's transformed into an orang-utan, the librarian is referred to in passing as "Horace". Speculation as to his human identity didn't even enter into the book series for quite a while, but a few characters vaguely remember a chap called "Horace Worblehat" having been the university librarian when they're pondering on it in later books, though they never find out for sure.
* PragmaticAdaptation: The Patrician has been switched to Havelock Vetinari, [[MagnificentBastard magnificent]][=/=]ManipulativeBastard of later Discworld books, rather than the obese hedonist originally depicted in the first book. (Technically, the patrician from the first book is Vetinari, by [[WordOfGod Word of PTerry]])
** Death is also closer to the sympathetic Death from the later books than the JerkAss Death from the earlier ones.
** Rincewind, likewise, is a little closer to how he is post-Sourcery, yet still having elements of his shadier self in ''Colour of Magic''.
* RaceLift: Agatean tourist Twoflower is played by Sean Astin, though to be fair the Agatean empire was not established as a Chinese/Japanese counterpart country until ''Discworld/InterestingTimes'' and WordOfGod is Twoflower was meant as a parody of American/British tourists. However, when he speaks Agatean to Rincewind he still has a strong Chinese/Japanese accent.
* SceneryPorn: The on-location footage is quite gorgeous.
* ShoutOut: Twoflower wants to name the new star [[StarWars "The Death Star."]] Rincewind is not impressed with the idea.
** [[ButchCassidyandtheSundanceKid "Is Trymon out there?" "No, why?" "For a minute I thought we were in trouble."]]
** This exchange, adapted from ''The Science of Discworld'':
-->'''Rincewind''': Is there a toilet in this suit?
-->'''Twoflower''': I don't think so. Why?
-->'''Rincewind''': Because I think I need to [[StarTrek boldly go]].
* ShownTheirWork: The Librarian gets referred to by name, a name that didn't appear in the books, but was mentioned in The Discworld Companion.
* TitleDrop: Both ''Discworld/TheColourOfMagic'' and ''Discworld/TheLightFantastic'' in their respective episodes.
* TranslationConvention: Taken a step further than in the book where it was taken as read that Rincewind was talking Betrobbi when talking to Twoflower. They actually talk in what the viewer is expected to assume is Betrobbi for a short while, complete with subtitles, until Twoflower admits that he took a correspondence course in Morporkian. From that point on you can assume that all conversation is being conducted in Morporkian.
* UngratefulBastard: Rincewind, both times Twoflower saves his life. Twoflower calls him out on this the second time.