'''''The Chaser''''' is a South Korean thriller released in 2007 directed by Na Hong-jin.

Joong-ho is a dirty detective-turned pimp. When his girls begin to go missing, he assumes that they are being sold by another customer. After using his skills to track him down, he is brought to the police only to discover that the man, Young-min, is instead a sadistic murderer and has been killing his girls. To make matters worse, the police have to let him go after twelve hours if no evidence can be found and Young-min claims that he is holding one of Joong-ho's girls, Mi-jin, captive. Can Joong-ho find evidence in time to bring Young-min to justice and rescue Mi-jin?

Set to be remade by the people who brought you ''TheDeparted''.

!!This movie contain examples of the following tropes:

* AntiHero - Joong-ho is of the Type III variety. He's a pimp, not a particularly nice guy and treats his prostitutes poorly. Still by the end of the film it's clear he's become emotionally invested in saving Mi-jin and comes to care for her daughter.
* BasedOnATrueStory - Young-min is based off of real-life Korean serial killer Yoo Young-chul (who was a [[ImAHumanitarian cannibal]] in addition to being a killer).
* BittersweetEnding - [[spoiler: Young-min is brought to justice but not before bludgeoning Mi-jin to death (just after she manages to escape his lair). The end of the film implies that Joong-ho will look after Mi-jin's daughter.]]
* BlackAndGrayMorality
* BoundAndGagged- Mi-jin spends half of the film in this predicament.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath - [[spoiler: Mi-jin's death is ''extremely'' gut-wrenching.]]
* DirtyCop - Joong-ho.
* DropTheHammer - Young-min's weapon of choice.
* GoryDiscretionShot - [[spoiler: Young-min's bludgeoning of Mi-jin is offscreen.]]
* FreudianExcuse - Young-min is sexually impotent.
* HopeSpot - A particularly excruciating example. [[spoiler: After spending the bulk of the film bound and gagged, Mi-jin finally frees herself and makes it to a nearby store, where the store owner hides her. However, when Young-min arrives at the store, the owner unwittingly gives Mi-jin away. This results in Young-min murdering both the owner and Mi-jin.]]
* MoralityPet - Mi-jin's daughter serves as this for Joong-ho.
* MonsterMisogyny
* PoliceAreUseless
* TheQuietOne - Mi-jin's daughter
* SerialKiller