Directed by Wayne Wang, who's known for films such as ''Film/ChineseBox'' and ''Literature/TheJoyLuckClub'', ''The Center of the World'' is a 2001 film starring Molly Parker, who plays the role of a lapdancer named Florence, and Creator/PeterSarsgaard as a soon-to-be dotcom billiionare Richard Longman.


* ADateWithRosiePalms: [[spoiler: Florence. On the third day, after she fakes an orgasm having sex with Richard who feels frustrated and disappointed, [[TheModestOrgasm she has a 'real' orgasm]] by masturbating to herself with Richard sitting and watching.]]
* GainaxEnding: [[spoiler:After Florence goes back to her band and Richard is left alone, the movie ends with the scene of Richard and Florence sitting at the table which was shown in the beginning of the film. Then the camera pans away turning red, leaving the viewer to interpet the ending either as a dream or not.]]
* TheGruntingOrgasm: Richard gets one on the third day when having sex with Florence.
* PantyShot
* RapeAsDrama: Jerri explaining to Florence and Richard about her experience with her boyfriend. Also, by the end of the film, Richard violently rapes Florence after realizing the sex he had with her wasn't as satisfying as he thought.