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Based on the book by Vito Russo, this 1995 {{Documentary}} explores the history of Hollywood's portrayal of gay characters through the ages.

See also HomophobiaIndex.

!!This film contains/discusses examples of the following tropes:

* AdaptationDistillation: The documentary is a worthy adaptation of the Vito Russo book, managing to include and expand on many of the ideas from the book. The film also benefits from the new medium, being able to show scenes that Russo could only describe.
%%* AmbiguouslyGay
* BuryYourGays: Discussed at some length, culminating in a montage of homosexual character deaths in classic movies.
* ButNotTooGay: Discussed, especially in the case of ''{{Film/Philadelphia}}'', where Creator/TomHanks defends the use of this trope by explaining that they had to edit out more explicitly intimate scenes between the main couple because the studio [[ExecutiveMeddling refused to release it otherwise]].
* CampGay: And his less explicitly gay brother, The Sissy. Discussed in depth, with several talking heads having different opinions of the worth of such characters. (Harvey Fierstein likes them: "Visibility at all costs!")
%%* DepravedHomosexual
* GayngstInducedSuicide: Discusses the typical presentation of the homosexual: miserable, perverted, and prime for killing himself.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Including some absolutely hilarious instances, like Stephen Boyd playing Messala as being Film/BenHur's former lover, [[EnforcedMethodActing without telling Charlton Heston]].
-->[[http://youtu.be/SxecELnxMYU "Don't tell Chuck!"]]
%%* HideYourLesbians
* LesbianVampire: ''Film/DraculasDaughter'' gets a detailed examination.
* NWordPrivileges: It is mentioned how the N-word in film is usually only used between black characters or to set [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain a character up as a villain]], but "faggot" is quite often used in a relaxed way by straight characters, often to deny being gay.
%%* PsychoLesbian
%%* SissyVillain
%%* {{Subtext}}