''The Boy in the Plastic Bubble'' is a 1976 made-for-TV movie.The film centers on the life of Tod Lubitch (Creator/JohnTravolta), who was born with an improperly functioning immune system. This means that contact with unfiltered air may kill him, so he must live out his life in [[BubbleBoy incubator-like conditions]]. He lives with his parents, since they decided to move him from Texas Children's Hospital where he was being kept as a boy. He is constricted to staying in his room all his life, where he eats, learns, reads and exercises, while being protected from the outside world by various coverings.
!!This movie provides examples of:
* ArtisticLicenseMedicine: One of the people the movie was based on pointed out that Tod would have brought several outside contaminants into his bubble by walking back into it wearing his protective suit.
* BubbleBoy: The title character.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: After Gina and her friends pull a mean prank on Tod (she pretends to fall in love with him on a dare and ''[[KidsAreCruel tells him so]]'' immediately after), they feel horrible about it and make sure their next attempts at befriending him are sincere.
* NoEnding: After we see [[spoiler: Tod kiss Gina, then go off to ride her horse (not a euphemism)]], the credits roll. We don't know if Tod lived for the next hour or next decade. Probably the point.
* SituationalSexuality: There's a part of the film where Tod spends time in a hospital with another boy named Roy. Roy is Todd's age and shares his condition who seems a little too happy to have a bunk mate and won't really talk about anything other than masturbation and/or sex. And how he wants to have sex with everything. [[AnythingThatMoves EVERYTHING]].
* StalkingIsLove: Tod watches Gina through binoculars which is either endearing or weird.