''That Darn Cat!'' is a 1965 [[Creator/{{Disney}} Walt Disney Productions]] film starring Creator/HayleyMills and Dean Jones in a story about [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking bank robbers, kidnapping and a mischievous cat]]. It was based on the book ''Undercover Cat'' by Gordon and Mildred Gordon and was directed by Creator/RobertStevenson. The title song was written by the Sherman Brothers and sung by Bobby Darin. ''That Darn Cat!'' was the last of six films Hayley Mills made for the Disney Studios. The 1997 remake featured a cameo appearance by Dean Jones. The remake's main star was Creator/ChristinaRicci.

While out one night, "That Darn Cat", or "DC", a Siamese cat, follows a bank robber to an apartment where he and his partner are holding a bank employee hostage. The hostage writes "HELP" on her watch and gives the watch to DC, and the next day, Patti, his owner, finds it and calls the FBI. HilarityEnsues.

[[IThoughtItMeant Not to be confused with]] ThatPoorCat.
* AwfulWeddedLife: The [=MacDougalls=].
* CatsHaveNineLives: After DC steals Gregory's freshly-butchered duck, he threatens to "give him a pants full of buckshot! Nine times if necessary!"
* ChaseScene: Several. There's one when the FBI agents first try to follow DC, which ends with them storming Patti and Ingrid's house, one at the DriveInTheater, which ends with DC disrupting the movie, and one at the end when Zeke follows DC to the robbers, Patti follows Zeke, and Canoe follows Patti.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Canoe notices that DC is wearing a watch before Patti does, but all he takes away from the discovery is that it's past his bedtime.
* CryingWolf: According to Ingrid, this is not the first time Patti has gone to the authorities with a premonition that someone is in trouble.
* DamselInDistress: Ms. Miller, the bank employee.
* DeadpanSnarker: Almost everyone, but special mention goes to Mr. [=MacDougall=].
* DetectiveAnimal: DC.
* TheDogBitesBack: Mr. [=MacDougall=], after having to put up with his wife for the whole movie, finally gets his own back when he calls the police on her.
* DriveInTheater: Canoe takes Patti to one. Then DC follows them, and Zeke follows him, and things go downhill from there.
* FBIAgent: Zeke.
* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: Ingrid believes that she is the responsible sister and Patti is foolish.
* GreenEyedMonster: Canoe grows ever jealous and suspicious while Patti works with Zeke, to the point where he follows her around in disguise.
* HenpeckedHusband: Mr. [=MacDougall=].
* HotOnHisOwnTrail: The [=FBI=] agents follow DC... to his own house, which they think is the kidnappers'. They promptly surround it, while keeping Zeke (who's ''in'' the house, along with Patty) informed by radio. He tells them to go in. [[HilarityEnsues They do]].
--> '''Zeke:''' ''[after the agents barge in and hold him at gun-point before they realise their mistake]'' What ''is'' this?
--> '''Agent:''' The cat came in here, sir.
--> '''Zeke:''' Are you nuts? There's no cat in - ''[sneezes]''
--> '''Patty:''' ''[ checks under the bed and sees DC]'' DC!
--> '''Zeke:''' [[TitleDrop That darn]] - ''[sneezes]'' [[TitleDrop cat!]]
* InvisibleParents: Patti and Ingrid's parents are apparently touring Europe at the time of the film, so Ingrid has a temporary PromotionToParent.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Gregory is a pompous ass, but being a regular victim of DC's mischief, he has every right to hate the cat.
* LostFoodGrievance: Gregory is livid after DC steals his prized gadwall from the former's back yard.
-->'''Gregory:''' Ooh! Where is that sneaky, miserable guttersnipe! He's got my duck!
* MommasBoy: Gregory never stops talking about Mother Dearest when he's trying to seduce Ingrid.
* NosyNeighbor: The [=MacDougalls=]. Or rather, Mrs. [=MacDougall=]; her husband tries to stop her being this, which culminates in him calling the police which she's out [[ItMakesSenseInContext looking over people's walls]].
* OnlyKnownByInitials: DC, which stands for "darn cat." Apparently, this name was given as an alternative to the "something much worse" Mr. Randall called him.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Mr. [=MacDougall=], when his wife returns and threatens to murder him.
* TheStakeout
* TitleDrop