A 2006 film starring Music/TenaciousD founders Kyle Gass and Creator/JackBlack, known in the story as Jables and Kage. It's a [[BigDamnMovie spin off]] of a lesser known HBO series that premiered back in 1997. In it, the explicit details of the band's origins are explored, and a strong change in dynamic is observed ([[RandomEventsPlot from just sitting around doing random shit]] to sitting around doing random shit and going on an adventure on the big screen).

The film has two main parts to the plot. The first part deals mainly with the formation of the band. In the beginning, Jables, a young rocker living in an oppressive, religious household, prays to a poster of RonnieJamesDio, and is given a vision of his future. He is bidden to [[TheRunaway run away]] from home to California, where he is to meet [[HeterosexualLifePartners his best friend]] and [[TheLancer band partner.]] [[TravelMontage After traveling far,]] he meets this man, Kage, who turns out to be something of a bum wanna-be. Kage gives him extensive rock "training."

The second part involves the two trying to create a masterpiece song to pay their rent. During a jam session, they stumble onto the secret of [[MacGuffin an ancient rock artifact known as the Pick of Destiny.]] It happens to be [[RuleOfCool Satan's tooth.]] The two then go on an adventure to retrieve said artifact, and get into all sorts of trouble along the way.

[[CultClassic The movie, like the band itself, has a strong cult following.]]
!!This film provides examples of:

* AnimatedCreditsOpening
* AsHimself: RonnieJamesDio appears as his himself in the film's intro.
* BadassBoast: "I DO NOT NEED - (he does not need...) - A MICROPHONE - (a microphone...) MY VOICE IS FUCKING - (fucking) - '''''POWERFUL!!!'''''"
** [[spoiler:The Devil, in the guise of the open mic host, gives a RousingSpeech about himself and how he's responsible for everything awesome; see ItWasWithYouAllAlong.]]
* BigBrotherMentor: Kage.
* BigEater: Kage, who orders fried chicken, steak, ''and'' [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs chicken fried steak]] during the diner scene.
* BigNo: Jables lets one out after realizing that the Devil has him and Kage outmatched. [[spoiler:By the end of the rock-off, the Devil ends up having an even bigger 'no' while being sent back to Hell.]]
* BigRedDevil: Provides the page image.
* BirthmarkOfDestiny: JB and Kage have matching birthmarks, one says "TENAC" and the other says "IOUS D". On their buttcheeks.
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:The pick is gone and Satan isn't paying the D's rent since they lost the rock-off, but they still managed to banish him back to hell and save Kage (and the world). Plus, now they have a different suprenatural Satanic artifact: the Bong of Destiny.]]
* BlackComedyRape: [[spoiler:If Tenacious D had lost the rock off against Satan, Kage would have become Satan's sex slave.]]
* BlackSheep: JB by his own admission: he's an aspiring rock star in a family of anal-retentive fundamentalist Christians.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: In the diner scene:
--> "Let me have the fried chicken, and a steak, and the chicken fried steak."
* BrokenAesop: The film starts off with Jables being ranted at by his fundamentalist Christian dad, who claims that rock and roll is evil and the work of Satan, to which JB says it's "not the Devil's work, it's magical and rad". The rest of the movie is spent searching for a pick that makes you an awesome rock star through the power of the Devil.
** There's even a line in the credits song that states that rock techniques were developed in hell.
* BrokenPedestal: Happens to Jables when he finds out that Kage isn't really a rock god, and has been living off his parents for 13 years.
* CallBack: The D's part in "Beelzeboss" is strongly implied to be the song they refer to in "Tribute", as it gets referred to afterwards as "The Greatest Song In The World".
* TheCameo: Creator/NeilHamburger has a very short one as himself, performing at the same open mic night as Tenacious D themselves.
** Music/MeatLoaf playing Jables's dad, and Music/RonnieJamesDio singing as a poster of himself, [[UpToEleven IN THE SAME SONG.]]
** Creator/BenStiller also plays a receptionist at Guitar Center who actually ends up telling the D all about the legend of the Pick of Destiny.
** Creator/AmyPoehler as a waitress at the "Halfway House" truck stop.
* CelebrityLie: Kage lies to Jables and claims that he's friends with the guys in Music/BlackSabbath.
* ChaseScene: "Car Chase City".
* ChekhovsArmory
* ChekhovsSkill: [[spoiler: Power-slides and cock push-ups]] both turn out to be very useful tools for stealing the Pick of Destiny.
** Also, the video game Kage plays gives him the skills to escape the cops in real life during "Car Chase City".
* ChessWithDeath: [[{{Dissimile}} Not so much chess as a rock off, and not so much Death as Satan himself.]]
* ClusterFBomb: Throughout the movie, but especially whenever Jables is improvising song lyrics. Just listen to "Classico".
** Satan's initial boast and reaction definitely qualifies. See OhCrap below.
** Also in "Kickapoo":
-->''Oh the dragons balls were blazin' as I stepped into his cave, then I sliced his fuckin' cockles, with a long and shiny blade!/'Twas I who fucked the dragon, fuckaly sing-fuckaloo!/And if you try to fuck with me, then I shall fuck you too!''
* DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale: Suggested between Satan and Kage.
* EtTuBrute
* FantasyForbiddingFather
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Jables' father warned him that the rock music would make him Satan's puppet and bring chaos to the world. He would have been right if Jables and Kage hadn't defeated Satan in the rock-off.
* FunWithAcronyms: "That's where the POD lies now." "POD?" "The Pick of Destiny!" "Oh."
** BrickJoke: "Pass the B.O.D."
* GroinAttack: Jack slips and falls, straddling a tree branch. "OW, SWEET BABY!" indeed.
* GroupieBrigade: Seen during Jables' dream sequence.
* GuileHero: [[spoiler: Jables, see FridgeBrilliance.]]
* HeroicFantasy: The second half of the movie, when Jables and Kage go after the Pick of Destiny, the plot basically [[GenreShift shifts]] to this. I mean, it's still set in the real world, but all the tropes are there.
* HonourBeforeReason: Turns out that even ''the Devil'' must abide by the Demon's Code and accept any declaration of a rock-off challenge. Keep in mind, he presumably wrote this part of the code in the first place.
* IdiotBall: [[spoiler: JB agrees to put KG up as a bet for their rock-off with the devil...despite the Devil having said that he literally CANNOT decline a rock-off challenge.]]
** Averted: [[spoiler: In order to send Satan back to hell from whence he came. Jables HAD to strike a deal with him of some sort. Souls are probably the only thing The Devil would substantially benefit from (thus making it a deal), and he was about to take both their souls anyway if they lost. Plus it's quite likely that Satan, being who he is, wouldn't have let an opportunity like this slide by without specifically defining a Rock-Off as having some sort of stakes involved.]]
* IntimateMarks: Both Jables and Rage Kage have [[BirthmarkOfDestiny Birthmarks of Destiny]] on their hind quarters that spell out "Tenac" and "ious D" respectively. They take this as a sign to name their band Music/TenaciousD.
* InvisibleBackupBand
* IronicEcho: When Jables sees a hot girl walk past Kage's apartment, Kage tells him to be on top of his sexual game because there'll be ten times hotter girls backstage when they perform. Later, when Kage is DistractedByTheSexy at the diner, Jables tells him to forget the sorority girls because there'll be ten times hotter girls backstage when they win album of the year.
* ItWasWithYouAllAlong: Parodied. When the guys break the POD before going on stage and start crying, the open mic host, [[spoiler:actually Satan in disguise]], warmly reassures them that [[MagicFeather they don't need a magic guitar pick to channel the Devil in their music]], then gives an inspiring, heartfelt speech about how Satan lives within "all of our hearts", ever tempting us to debauchery and defiance. [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop Jables and Kage find this comforting]].
* LargeHam: Jables, Creator/JackBlack after all. And [[Music/FooFighters Dave]] [[Music/{{Nirvana}} Grohl]] as Satan.
* LaserHallway
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: The duo arrives at the "Halfway House" truck stop about halfway through the movie, as pointed out by the commentary.
* LouisCypher: [[spoiler:The open mic night host.]]
* MacGuffin: The eponymous Pick of Destiny.
* ManChild: Both of them, but especially Kage.
* {{Metalhead}}
* MicDrop: JB knocks the mic stand over after the D's first "concert" (a one-song amateur/open mic night). The audience is not impressed.
* MommasBoy: Kage, if his flashback and [[spoiler:living off his parents for 15 years]] is any indication.
* MundaneMadeAwesome:
** "It's a sign... a legacy." *proceeds to show birthmark on ass*
** Power sliding [[spoiler: past the security guards under the security door]].
* MundaneUtility: The stipulations of Tenacious D's [[spoiler:rock-off with the Devil]] is that if they win, [[spoiler:the Devil must go back to hell]], and also has to pay their rent.
* MushroomSamba: When Jables gets lost out in the woods, he survives by eating unidentified mushrooms, which results in this trope.
** Specifically, he has a trip wherein he becomes a baby sasquatch, and then begins singing about how his dad is awesome and shall protect him.
* MythologyGag: [[spoiler:The D are met by Satan and have to play a song to save their lives (and the world).]] After surviving, they are unable to remember the kickass tune they played, so they try to rewrite it from scratch. Mayhaps a ''Tribute'' to that song?
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: [[spoiler: Literally, breaking it: Jables and Kage fight over the pick and break it in half. It then gets picked up by the devil, and [[OhCrap the shit immediately hits the fan.]] ]]
* NoIndoorVoice: An in-story example, Jables ends up daydreaming that with the eponymous pick, his voice will become so loud he will lose any need for microphones.
** Also, Satan. All the time.
* OhCrap: The song that plays when Satan gets the pick:
-->'''Satan''': ''I AM COMPLEEEEEEEEETE!''\\
'''Music/TenaciousD''': Fuuuuuuuuuuu-''[[AtomicFBomb uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!]]''\\
'''Jables''': Waaaait...waaaaait! Waiiiiit, you muthafucka! We challenge you to a rock-off! Give us one chance to rock your socks off!\\
** Kage gets one early on when his mom's voicemail message exposes him as a fraud to Jables.
** Kage gets another one during Satan's RockMeAsmodeus when he reveals his collection of [[DepravedHomosexual BDSM gear]]. Watch the look on his face switch from "awesome performance" to "I'm screwed" in a split second.
** Satan gets yet ''another'' one when [[spoiler:after accidentally blowing off his own horn, he realizes that he has given Jables a way to send him back to Hell.]]
* ParentalFavoritism: ''"You disobeyed my orders son, why were you ever born?/Your brother's ten times better than you, Jesus loves him more!"''
* PlotHole: Pointed out in the DVD Commentary by Jack, during the training montage, Jables collects $10 worth of coins in a cup while performing on the boardwalk. How can he assume he collected ten exact bucks just by looking into the cup?
** Soon after in the same scene, Jables goes to a nearby payphone and uses 10 cents from the cup to call Kage at home, making it $9.90. Would Jables still have enough money for the dime-bag he obtains after this scene?
* RockMeAsmodeus: Parodied, especially with lines like "I'm the devil, I love metal!".
* RuleOfCool: Overused in the songs to the point that it becomes [[CrossesTheLineTwice funny]] how much it's overused. Particularly in the Master Exploder dream sequence.
* RuleOfFunny
* {{Satan}}
-->'''Satan''': ''[[LargeHam I'M THE DEVIL!]] '''[[ChewingTheScenery I LOVE METAL!]]'''''
* SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll: During the reunion, Kage says it was supposed to be in that order. Kage goes off to a party, Jables into the forest and eats [[MushroomSamba mushrooms]], and then they both get the Pick together.
* ShoutOut: The Devil's guitar is Dimebag Darrell's famous lightning bolt Dean ML.
* SirSwearsALot: Satan, unsurprisingly. JB and KG, to a lesser extent.
* SlasherSmile: Jack Black shows his off a few times, revealing that it looks like a cross between the Joker and the Grinch.
* SmallNameBigEgo: In "History", the guys boast about being a godlike rock band that has performed all sorts of outrageous feats. The audience reaction is lukewarm at best.
* StonerFlick: The audience is now baked.
* StonersAreFunny: The movie has several gags revolving around drug use. The funniest is probably Jables' mushroom-induced hallucination.
* TarotMotifs: The opening sequence is based around them.
* TheQuest
* ThePowerOfRock: Obviously. Taken to ridiculous extremes in "Master Exploder" and "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)".
* UnDuet: KG ends up performing one of Tenacious D's songs to find he only remembers his lines, which are mostly just for backing.
* TheUnfavorite: Jables (see ParentalFavoritism).
* UnnecessaryCombatRoll: Jables does some while breaking into the Rock and Roll History Museum, and yet the camera continues to see him ([[TheGuardsMustBeCrazy and only the camera]]).
* WellDoneSonGuy: Jables shows signs of being this.
* WhenYouSnatchThePebble: "When you snatch the remote control out of my hand, you will have earned the right to change the channel."
* YourHeadASplode: In the "Master Exploder" ImagineSpot, Jables causes a man's brain to fly out by singing [[ThePowerOfRock epically]].
--> Jables: "I did not mean . . ."
--> Kage: ''(He did not mean)''
--> Jables: "To blow your mind!"
--> Kage: ''(To blow your mind!)''
--> Jables: "But that shit happened to me . . . ''all the tiii-yiii-hiiiime!''"
* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: Satan's reaction when Jables challanges him to a Rock Off, knowing he can't refuse it.
* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle