''Summer School'' is a 1987 comedy film about, well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin summer school]]. The film stars Creator/MarkHarmon as a slacker teacher prepared for a summer in Hawaii...Until the school administration forces him to teach a class in remedial English or lose his tenure. When he discovers the students have no more interest in the class than he does, he strikes a bargain with them. HilarityEnsues. Better known now for its young cast, many of whom went on to [[RetroactiveRecognition bigger roles]].

Some tropes associated with the film include:

* ApatheticTeacher : Shoop
* BigBad : Vice Principal Gillis, of the non-villainous, JerkAssHasAPoint type common to high school movies in TheEighties. Sure, it's a disappointment that Shoop can't go on vacation, but all the JerkAss really wants Shoop to do is what he's supposed to do, and that's teach a class.
* HotTeacher : Shoop, to the girls in the class, especially Pam, who ultimately fails at a TeacherStudentRomance. Justified, as it's Creator/MarkHarmon, who had been voted People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive a year before. Ms. Bishop counts, too.