->''”A [[TitleDrop stray dog]] sees only what it chases”''
-->--'''Detective Sato'''

'''Stray Dog''' (''Nora Inu'') is an Creator/AkiraKurosawa film from 1949, starring Creator/ToshiroMifune. It tells the story of rookie homicide detective Murakami as he searches for his stolen pistol. He's helped in his search by Sato, a more experienced detective, but he's also wracked by guilt because the gun has been used to commit crimes.

One of the first films to deal with the "older detective trains younger detective" plot you can see in films like ''Film/{{Se7en}}'' or ''Film/TrainingDay''.

No relation with the [[Manga/StrayDog manga]].

!!Tropes in this film:

* TheAtoner: Murakami wants to catch Yusa because he knows he has committed crimes using his gun.
* BottomlessMagazines: Averted. Murakami keeps a running tab on how many bullets are left in his gun. In the climactic scene Yusa is down to three bullets. [[spoiler: He wings Murakami, but then shoots wild twice and is left with an empty chamber.]]
* FilmNoir: A rare non-American or European example.
* HeatWave: There's one throughout the film, pictured by having everyone using fans all the time.
* NiceHat: Murakami's flat cap and Sato's fedora.
* NotSoDifferent: A major theme of the movie is the many similarities between Murakami and Yusa.
* OldCopYoungCop: One of the earliest examples.
* TheStoic: Sato. That doesn't mean he doesn't care, though.