''Start the Revolution Without Me'' is a 1970 comedy film starring Creator/GeneWilder and Creator/DonaldSutherland as two sets of twins (one born from aristocrats, the other from peasants) who undergo a bizarre switch at birth after the doctor delivering them confuses the two sets; he switches one twin in each pair so each couple will get at least one of their own children. Years later, on the eve of UsefulNotes/TheFrenchRevolution, hilarity ensues as each pair plays a role in the upcoming events.

Creator/OrsonWelles introduces and narrates the film, which was produced and directed by Bud Yorkin just before he and executive producer Creator/NormanLear created TV's ''Series/AllInTheFamily''.
!!This film provides examples of the following tropes:

* AffectionateParody
* AgentPeacock: Pierre. He may be a dandy but he is a deadly one.
* ArtisticLicenseHistory: The film is somewhat of a parody of various historical fiction works about the French Revolution, and is not particularly concerned with historical accuracy.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: [[spoiler:Hilariously done in the ending, when certain characters from the story show up to kill narrator Creator/OrsonWelles.]]
* ButtMonkey: The King.
* CampGay: Pierre.
-->'''Philippe:''' ONE DAY, I SHALL BE KING!\\
'''Pierre:''' And I shall be Queen!
* ClothingDamage: Christina keeps tearing at Mimi's clothes trying to find the birthmark to prove they're sisters, eventually leaving her [[NakedPeopleAreFunny completely nude]].
* HairTriggerTemper: Philippe
* IdenticalStranger: The two pairs of identical twins also perfectly resemble the other pair.
* IllTakeTwoBeersToo: When d'Escargot visits the de Sisis and lays out his plan for them to betray the King:
-->'''Philippe:''' And what is the reward for this treachery?\\
'''Escargot:''' Half of France.\\
'''Philippe:''' Hmm. (''{{beat}}'') And for my brother?
* ItsACostumePartyISwear: Marie Antoinette humiliates King Louis by having him don a chicken costume for a palace ball.
* LargeHam: Philippe. But it is Creator/GeneWilder, what do you expect?
* LovableCoward: Both Charles and Claude, who will flee whenever danger erupts.
* MedievalMorons
* NoEnding
* ReallyGetsAround: Marie Antoinette
* SeparatedAtBirth: The two pairs of twins, with each family getting one from each pair.
* SwappedRoles
* SwitchedAtBirth: One of the babies that grew up into Gene Wilder was switched with one of the babies that grew up into Donald Sutherland.
* TrapDoor: The doctor at the mental hospital has one in his office.
* TwinSwitch
* UpperClassTwit: King Louis