->''"I may live badly, but at least I don't have to work to do it."''

''Slacker'' is a 1991 experimental film by Creator/RichardLinklater. It is set in [[UsefulNotes/OtherCitiesInTexas Austin, Texas]] in TheNineties and features a wide variety of [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin slackers]], paranoid conspiracy theorists, street philosophers and other freaks and misfits going about their daily lives. The camera gravitates to a different group of people in every scene, giving the film a unique stream-of-consciousness style and painting a picture of the counterculture of the time. It was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress, so it must have done ''that'' right, at least.

Generally considered as an important influence to the 90's indie film scene, specially dialog-heavy "mumblecore" movies. It was a direct influence on a then-22-year-old Creator/KevinSmith and inspired him to make [[Film/{{Clerks}} his own low-key microbudget flick]].

Differs from TheSlacker. See ''{{Film/Gummo}}'' for a film with a somewhat similar concept but [[CrapsackWorld very]] [[SurrealHorror different]] [[{{Squick}} execution]].
!!''Slacker'' provides examples of:

* AwesomeMcCoolName: Meta-example; almost no-one's name is mentioned over the course of the film, but the credits describe them by their roles including such luminaries as ''Dostoyevsky Wannabe'', ''Based on Authoritative Sources'', ''Been on the Moon Since the 50's'', ''Post-Modern Paul Revere'' and ''Grocery Grabber of Death's Bounty ''.
* CoolOldGuy: The [[spoiler: fake]] UsefulNotes/SpanishCivilWar veteran anarchist.
* CreatorCameo: The first character is played by Richard Linklater.
* DecoyProtagonist: It starts with a bus passenger and doesn't stop.
* DefiledForever: While the implications of what led to the MadnessMantra entry are tragic, they're offset by the comic appropriateness of the last sentence coming from a WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes short where a dissociative Elmer Fudd repeats the line.
* DevelopingDoomedCharacters: The entire film.
* FollowTheLeader: Inspired by ''Film/MyDinnerWithAndre''.
* HyperlinkStory: Each scene passes off to the next one via a shared shot between the characters of each.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Over a hundred unnamed characters.
* MadnessMantra: "You should quit, you should quit, you should quit, you should quit..."
* NamelessNarrative
* TheNineties
* TheOner
* RandomEventsPlot
* TrustMeImADoctor: "You should quit traumatizing women with sexual intercourse. I should know. I'm a medical doctor. I own a mansion and a yacht."