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[[caption-width-right:200:[[PreAssKickingOneLiner If you were me, you'd be good-lookin'.]] *snap*]]
->''"Only one man could kill this many Russians. Bring his Guitar to me!"''
-->-- '''Death''', observing the results of [[CurbStompBattle our Hero's confrontation with the Red Army.]]

In an alternate world, Russia and the U.S. nearly destroyed each other in nuclear war in 1957, with only a couple of remaining outposts of civilization left. The most prominent is [[UsefulNotes/LasVegas Lost Vegas,]] ruled by Music/ElvisPresley. However, "after 40 rockin' years, the King is dead."

The position of King is now open, and a katana-wielding guitarist named Buddy is out to take the throne. Along the way, though, he has to fight off the other pretenders, Communist bowlers, the entire Russian Army, and Death in the form of... [[Music/GunsNRoses Slash]].

Also along the way, he has to deal with a TagalongKid that ends up teaching him that being the King is about more than rocking and fighting.

!!This movie has examples of:

* AfterTheEnd - Complete with ''MadMax'' style neo-barbarians.
* AlternateHistory, the intro text:
-->In 1957, [[ApocalypseHow the bomb dropped]], and the Russians took over what was America.
-->The last bastion of freedom became a place called [[UsefulNotes/LasVegas Lost Vegas]] and [[Music/ElvisPresley Elvis]] was crowned King.
-->After forty rockin' years, The King is dead.
-->Every guitar picking, sword swinging opportunist, including [[TheGrimReaper Death himself]], hears the call echoing across the wastelands.
* ArrowCatch: When Death's minions (who all use bows with [[BottomlessMagazines unlimited arrows]]) chances upon Buddy when he's separated from his sword, he appears to just be dodging their ATeamFiring. When he gets up from one of his rolls, however, he throws away a bundle of arrows in each hand.
%%* BadassAndChildDuo
* CannibalClan - Who look and (try to) act like a stereotypical ''FatherKnowsBest''-style [[TheFifties '50's]] nuclear family.
* CaptainErsatz - Buddy and Death are Captain Ersatzes of, respectively, Music/BuddyHolly and [[Music/GunsNRoses Slash]].
** Although judging from what we see, Buddy might actually ''be'' the real Buddy Holly.
%%* DanceBattler - Buddy.
* EnemiesWithDeath - Fighting a rock'n'roll sword duel against him? Can't get much more litteral.
* TheFifties - What's left of society still looks like it, since the nuclear war took place then - and most everywhere is far from recovered even four decades later.
* GangOfHats: The Pin Pals, a gang of murderous bowlers with bowling ball flails and knives hidden in pins. And the Red Elvises, a communist rock'n'roll band who work for Death.
* TheGrimReaper - happens to look like [[Music/GunsNRoses Slash]].
%%* HeroicBSOD
* ImAHumanitarian - Buddy tries to drop the kid off with a family like this.
* InvadedStatesOfAmerica: Remnants of the Russian Army are in what is left of the United States. They're not in much better shape than anyone else, though.
%%* KatanasAreJustBetter
%%* LawyerFriendlyCameo - So, so many.
* TheLoad - That damn kid. Yeah, yeah, he occasionally does something useful, and ThePowerOfFriendship and all that. Still, notice that ''every single time'' [[BadAss Buddy]] gets hurt, it's directly or indirectly the kid's fault.
** ''waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!''
** Lampshaded by Death's minions: "The boy! The boy makes him ''very'' uncool!"
* OneManArmy - Buddy versus the remnants of the Russian Army. See the quote above if you have any questions as to who won.
* ParentalAbandonment - The Kid's mother is killed before his eyes at the beginning; he latches onto Buddy in part because Buddy killed his mother's killer.
* ThePowerOfFriendship - [[spoiler:When Death finally catches up to Buddy, Buddy willingly throws away his guitar pick, to concede in his quest to become King. But Death refuses, saying that he's really after what Buddy values most. Realizing that means The Kid, Buddy yells, "You can't have him!"]] Which leads up to...
%%* ThePowerOfRock
* RockMeAmadeus: An electric-guitar version of Brahms' ''Hungarian Dance No. 5'' shows up in the soundtrack about halfway through.
%%* SamuraiCowboy
%%* TagalongKid
* TakeUpMySword - [[spoiler:At the end of the movie, the Kid literally takes up Buddy's sword, along with his guitar, suit, and glasses. The final scene of the movie is him literally ''turning into'' Buddy as he walks towards Lost Vegas. Straightforward symbolism? Or [[WildMassGuessing has Buddy's spirit done this before]]?]]
* VivaLasVegas - Lost Vegas is the last great bastion of civilization in the US.
* TheVoiceless - The Kid [[spoiler:until about halfway through the movie; [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by Buddy immediately and later on.]]
* WeaksauceWeakness - [[spoiler: In an {{Homage}} to ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', Death is killed by getting wet.]]
* WhyDontYaJustShootHim - [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] and [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]], as the Russians ran out of bullets decades ago.
* YouHaveFailedMe - Done by Death to some of his minions (local "[[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly Soviet Rockabilly Surf Band]]" The Red Elvises). The StockPhrase is interrupted when he sees their (nice) shoes, which he takes with him.