[[caption-width-right:317:[[{{Pun}} This ain't your child's kind of]] [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory toy story]].]]
->''He's home... but he's not alone.''

''Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker'' is a 1991 horror film. Loosely connected to the previous film, this one gets more into the holiday spirit, featuring [[LivingToys toys that kill]].

After the mysterious death of her husband, a woman, her son, and her former lover begin investigating the toys produced by an enigmatic toymaker named Joe Petto and his son Pino. Mickey Rooney portrays Joe, despite being one of the most vocal haters of the original film (he called the creators "scum" and suggested that they be "run out of town"); he probably [[RockBottom needed]] [[MoneyDearBoy the work]] and plays a mean, scary drunk surprisingly well.

!!This film has examples of:
* AbusiveParents: Joe Petto has a habit of smacking his son Pino around when he's drunk, [[spoiler:and occasionally killing him and rebuilding him later]].
* AnAxeToGrind: Noah and Sarah use one to attack Pino.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: [[spoiler:Robo-Pino was never given genitalia. It seems not as bad at first, but then he starts humping Sarah.]]
* ContinuityNod: Kim from ''Initiation'' briefly appears and mentions having a bad experience the previous year.
* DeathBySex: Meredith and Buck (though the former survives the toy attack).
* DropTheHammer: Pino tries to kill Noah with one.
* EveryCarIsAPinto: A car that's not even going very fast flips over and explodes spectacularly.
* EyeScream: A larva toy crawls into a guy's mouth and bursts out of his eye while he's driving.
* GrievousBottleyHarm: Drunk Joe smashes his son Pino with a bottle.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: Sarah cuts Pino in half with an axe. [[spoiler:Being a robot, he still keeps coming.]]
* InfantImmortality: Lonnie puts on a pair of rigged roller skates which rocket him full speed into a car. At first it looks like he died, but it turns out he's just horribly mangled...
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Tom falls onto a fireplace poker (which goes through his face and out the back of his head) while being choked by the Santa toy.
* [[spoiler:JustAMachine]]: Joe Petto beats Pino, claiming he could never love him like a real son. [[spoiler:At the end of the movie, the barely-functioning Pino grabs Sarah's leg, and she starts frantically stomping his head into bits and pieces of machinery. She's stopped by her son Derek, who says "It's just a toy, mommy."]]
* LivingToys: Pino's creations.
* MarketBasedTitle: ''The Toy Maker'' had the "Silent Night, Deadly Night" part dropped from its name when it was released internationally.
* MyLittlePanzer: The assortment of toys that is unleashed upon Buck and Meredith.
* ParkingGarage: A suspenseful moment is had in the parking garage as Sarah walks in there and keeps hearing noises... but then she meets Noah, who is revealed be a good guy all along.
* PrimalScene: Used in the beginning.
* [[spoiler:RoboticReveal: Pino reveals he was created by Joe [[ReplacementGoldfish to replace his dead son]].]]
* ShoutOut: The tagline references ''Film/HomeAlone'', another Christmas-centric film released in the same year.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The trailer spoils the [[spoiler:RoboticReveal]].
* UnexplainedRecovery: Creator/ClintHoward's Ricky obviously dies in ''Initiation'', yet returns briefly as a mall Santa (though this could be an instance of NamesTheSame).
* WickedToymaker: Pino makes toys that murder people. [[spoiler:And his father Joe was arrested years earlier for booby trapping toys he gave to children after his pregnant wife died in a car crash. he then constructed Pino [[ReplacementGoldfish to replace his dead son]].]]