''Santo vs la hija de Frankestein'' (Santo versus Frankenstein's Daughter) is a fun outing for luchador turned movie star Wrestling/ElSanto.

Dr. Frieda Frankenstein, daughter of ''the'' Dr Frankenstein of Creator/MaryShelley fame, has been continuing and expanding on her father's work in Mexico. She uses a youth serum to not only keep herself going, but to hire/control her {{Mooks}} -- they behave themselves, or they won't stay young and healthy. Unfortunately, the serum has to be re-administered regularly. Frieda's been on the juice for so long that's she's developed a resistance to it. Unless she can create a new formula, she will die from old age soon.

Fortunately, she discovered by accident that Wrestling/ElSanto's blood contains a huge amount of the "TR factor", the substance that helps humans heal. All she needs to do is capture Santo; she can then use his blood to produce a new youth serum that will work on her. She sends her red-shirted thugs out to collect Santo's girlfriend Norma and leave a message behind. Santo and Norma's sister Elsa head out to rescue Norma ... but they don't know just how many people are dependent on Frieda's youth serum.

!!This movie includes:

* BloodlessCarnage: Played straight in the first Mandatory In-Ring Sequence; the match announcer talks about how Santo is bleeding heavily from his opponent's illegal blows and we don't see one drop. Averted with Truxon and Ursus later in the film.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Frieda hypnotizes Norma and orders her to gouge Santo's eyes out.
* [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Self Destruct Switch]]
* EyeScream: The guards have this reaction to Norma's orders (noted above).
* FountainOfYouth: The youth serum.
* FrankensteinsMonster: Two of them, actually.
** Ursus is a "traditional" monster, though without the green skin tone
** Truxon is half-man, half-beast, produced through an experimental serum. Frieda considers him a failure, since he is regressing to pure animal.
* GraveRobbing: The movie opens with Tuerto and some mooks digging up a body for Frieda.
* HeelFaceTurn: All it takes is a little sympathy and very basic first aid to switch [[spoiler:Ursus]] over to Team Santo.
* ImmunityDisability: This sets off the whole plot -- Frieda Frankenstein has developed an immunity to the youth serum she needs to survive.
* JamesBondage: Santo gets chained up twice.
* MadScientist
* MadScientistLaboratory: A bit sparse on the decor, but it's got all the essentials.
* MeaningfulName: Tuerto, the leader of Frieda's mooks, is missing one eye. (His name is Spanish for "One-Eyed", and the English sub calls him that throughout.)
* ObviousStuntDouble: The scene where Frieda tears Santo's mask off is shot from behind Santo ... more accurately, from behind someone who's at least six inches taller than Santo. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that masks in ''lucha libre'' are SeriousBusiness.
* ThePowerOfLove: Invoked by Santo after Norma's hypnosis.
* RedShirt: Frieda's minions all wear this uniform. [[spoiler:Well, except for the undercover minions ....]]
* ShirtlessScene: Justified for the Mandatory In-Ring Sequences. Not so justified when Santo is captured, and the thugs removed his shirt before chaining him up to await Frieda Frankenstein's pleasure ... [[FetishFuel Oh,]] [[MrFanservice yeah]].
* SoundOnlyDeath: [[spoiler:Truxon]]'s fate.
* VersusTitle
* YouHaveFailedMe: When one of the thugs screws up big time, Frieda refuses to give him his next dose of youth serum. He ages and dies in front of the rest of the crew in minutes.