[[caption-width-right:200:The Hero and The Wimp (guess who is who)]]
''Santo versus Capulina'' is a 1968 movie featuring a team-up between two of Mexico's top movie stars of the time, masked wrestler Wrestling/ElSanto and comedian Gaspar Henaine Pérez (Capulina). It's mainly a comedy, but contains a fair amount of action as well.

In this film, Capulina, a childlike fat man, works as a night watchman on a warehouse, tough he literally sleeps on the job. Unknown to him, the place is being used by a gang of criminals called Los Infernales to smuggle diamonds. However El Santo is working with the police on the case; this leads him to meet Capulina, who fanboys all over him, much to Santo's annoyance. Capulina spends most of the film trying to get the hero to visit the group of kids that he coaches.

HilarityEnsues after two of the criminals become convinced that Capulina ''is'' El Santo after they see him wearing a replica of his luchador mask (never mind the difference in body shape). Additionally, their leader is forcing a scientist to create robot duplicates of people (including Capulina) to help him kill El Santo.

!Tropes in Santo Contra Capulina:
* EvilCripple: Cedric, the leader of Los Infernales, who has a vendetta against Santo. [[spoiler:Though it turns out he's only pretending to be crippled, to help him smuggle diamonds on his wheelchair.)]]
* FailedASpotCheck: the thugs who mistake Capulina for Santo.
* ImYourBiggestFan: Capulina says this to Santo, and even tricks him to get his autograph.
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Cedric forces her and her father to work for him on penalty of death. She tries to seduce Santo and also turn Capulina against him. [[spoiler:Both her and her father are eventually redeemed.]]
* ManChild: Capulina.
* ObfuscatingDisability: Cedric, the villain, is a formidable adversary. [[spoiler:Who, as it turns out, doesn't actually have a disability.]]
* RidiculouslyHumanRobot
** Perfect duplicates of the original (only Santo can tell them apart.)
** This actually works in the heroes' favor when [[spoiler:Capulina replaces his own duplicate to infiltrate the criminal hideout.]]
* WhatTheFuAreYouDoing
** Capulina while trying to fight (though he does land the occasional good blow.)
** his robot duplicate is MUCH stronger.