''Saboteur'' is a 1942 wartime thriller by Creator/AlfredHitchcock. It was his first film to be made with an all-American cast.

The protagonist is Barry Kane (Robert Cummings), who works at an airplane factory in California when a friend of his is killed in an act of sabotage. While the law thinks he is responsible, Kane goes on a cross-country hunt for the real saboteur, a man named Fry (Norman Lloyd). While on the run, Kane, in true Hitchcock fashion, gets involved with a sexy blonde (Priscilla Lane). He discovers that the fire at the airplane factory was caused by a group of Nazi-sympathizing fifth columnists, and that the saboteurs have more attacks planned.

Creator/DorothyParker was one of three writers credited with the screenplay.

* AffablyEvil: All of the saboteurs appears to be lovely people outside their work. Tobin adores his little granddaughter. Mrs. Sutton the New York dowager is hosting a fancy dress ball for charity when she isn't plotting treason.
* BlindMusician: Philip Martin, whose niece, Pat, becomes a reluctant ally to Kane.
* ClearMyName: Barry is the prime suspect in the fire at the aircraft factory.
* ClimbingClimax: Atop the Statue of Liberty.
* CoincidentalBroadcast: While Barry is having his first confrontation with Tobin, the radio helpfully interrupts with a bulletin about the sabotage attack at the aircraft factory.
* CreatorCameo: Hitchcock did this in all of his movies. Here he is standing outside of a pharmacy window that says "CUT RATE DRUGS", at the 1:04 mark.
* DisneyVillainDeath: Fry's death in the end.
* DistractedByTheSexy: Barry's friend Mason is distracted by a hot blonde, which causes him to bump into Fry. This is what drives the plot, since Fry drops some letters and telegrams, letting Barry know his name and where he's headed.
* DramaticIrony: The ballroom scene, where the bad guys are chasing Barry and Pat while they are trying to find a way out.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Charles Tobin and his young granddaughter. Also Freeman, who has two children.
* GhostTown: Barry tracks the bad guys to Soda City, NV, which turns out to be an abandoned mineral works--with a strategic view of Hoover Dam, a target of the saboteurs.
* HeelFaceDoorSlam: Fry seems to have a change of heart when Barry tries to save him in the final scene, promising he'll confess everything and clear Barry's name in gratitude. One never gets to see him fulfill that promise, as he [[DisneyVillainDeath plummets to his death]] despite Barry's best efforts.
* HighDiveEscape: Kane eludes the cops by jumping from a bridge into the river below.
* JumpCut: There is a jarring transition between Barry emerging from the stairs to the observation deck on the Statue of Liberty's torch, to him confronting Fry.
* KarmaHoudini: Tobin. Maybe. Fry takes a dive off the Statue of Liberty, most of the other conspirators were arrested, and the cops would presumably have scooped up Mrs Sutton, but Tobin says the night before the bombing that he is leaving the country immediately. It's also downplayed by HistoryMarchesOn, as we now know he's thrown his lot in with one of the 20th century's great losing sides, so no matter what he'll be screwed when the Allies win the war in three years.
* LittlePeopleAreSurreal: During part of their journey, Barry and Pat travel with a sideshow, and the bearded lady, thin man, little person, and conjoined twins seem to parallel the then-current situation in Europe.
* LivingMacGuffin: Fry is a textbook example.
-->'''Patricia Martin:''' Fry... He seems so small now, I'd forgotten about him.
* MonumentalBattle: The final battle on the Statue of Liberty.
* {{Rancher}}: Charles Tobin has a horse ranch in the Nevada desert.
* RepressiveButEfficient: Tobin cites this as one reason why he's working for Germany.
--> "The competence of totalitarian nations is much higher than ours. They get things done."
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: At one point Barry threatens to leave Pat alone in the desert and reminds her that it's crawling with snakes at night.
* SayMyName: As the last piece of spoken dialogue in the movie, Fry calls out Kane's name as he falls to his death.
* SceneryPorn: The Statue of Liberty.
* SmugSnake: Tobin
* SpiesInAVan: At the launching of the battleship, Fry and his fellow conspirators are hiding inside a newsreel van, where Fry will push the button that blows up the launch and sinks the battleship.
* StockFootage: A latter-day viewer might see the clip of the capsized ship and think that Fry succeeded in his mission. The shot actually shows the SS ''Normandie'', a RealLife ocean liner which really did catch fire and capsize in 1942. So Barry succeeded in stopping Fry from sinking the USS ''Alaska'', but Fry's smirk implies that his group was behind the earlier loss of the ''Normandie''.
* WholePlotReference: Let's just say that this film is more than a little bit similar to a previous Hitchcock film, ''Film/{{The 39 Steps|1935}}''.