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[[caption-width-right:300:A very different time, a very different place.]]

->''With no one to save her''
->''She's gone down where her heroes lie''
->''When they let her down and fell from the skies''
->''She's gone down where her heroes lie''
->''When they let her down right in front of her eyes''

''Road to Hell'' is a FanSequel to ''Film/StreetsOfFire'', directed by Albert Pyun and written by Cynthia Curnan.

Set 28 years after the original, it deals with Tom Cody returning to Edge City in search of his lost love, Ellen. He travels in the hopes she can save him from his demons--but he's stopped by two seductive spree killers who oppose his efforts at seeking redemption.

The film features original music by Tony Riparetti and the Roxy Gunn Project, with Roxy playing the role of Ellen; Michael Pare and Deborah Van Valkenburgh reprise their roles from the original film as Cody and his sister Reva.

While an unfinished version was screened in 2008, the writers tweaked the script to add the character of Ellen Dream and Roxy Gunn's music, and additional scenes continued to be filmed. The final cut of the film has a late 2013 release date.

The website can be found [[http://www.roadtohellmovie.com/ here]].

!! This film contains examples of:

%%* AntiHero: Tom Cody, again.
* AntiVillain: Ashe appears to be one; in a promo she comments that Caitlin scares her at times and wants out of all the killing.
%%* AxCrazy: Caitlin.
%%* BigBad: Caitlin.
%%* BlondesAreEvil: Caitlin and Ashe.
%%* BloodierAndGorier
* CallBack: "If you need anything, I'll be there."
** [[spoiler: The end to the movie has Cody leave, just like in the first one]].
* CityWithNoName: While it had no name in the original, here its name is Edge City.
* ChromaKey: Much of the movie was filed via greenscreen.
%%* DarkActionGirl: Caitlin and Ashe.
%%* DarkerAndEdgier
%%* DeadGuyJunior: [[spoiler: Ellen Dream]].
* FallenHero: Cody tries to get out of this status, and the song "Where Her Heroes Lie" is about this.
%%* FanSequel
%%* FemmeFatale: Caitlin and Ashe.
* HypocriticalHumor: Caitlin calls ''Tom'' a psycho.
* IWillWaitForYou[=/=]IWillFindYou: Cody comes back from the war to find Ellen...by waiting for her on the edge of the City.
* LeaveYourQuestTest: Caitlin and Ashe apparently try to tempt Tom back into his murderous ways.
* MentalWorld: Reva explains in the trailer that Cody lives in his own world; what parts of the movie relate to this remain to be seen.
* NiceHat: Ellen Dream wears one in concert.
* NotableOriginalMusic: As well as "Nowhere Fast" and "Tonight Is What it means To Be Young" from the original, it boasts music by the Roxy Gunn Project.
%%* PsychoLesbian: Caitlin and Ashe.
* PunchClockVillain: Ashe seems to be just along for the ride.
%%* ReCut: The 2012 version.
* TheReveal: Not only is [[spoiler: Ellen Dream Tom Cody's daughter, Caitlin is Raven's daughter]].
* RuleOfSymbolism: 66.6 Radio from Purgatory, USA, Highway 66; the road being described as the road between Purgatory and Hell...
** According to the director, Caitlin represents the modern world that Cody doesn't understand and can't fit into.
%%* ShadowArchetype: Caitlin to Cody.
* SoundtrackDissonance: An unfinished clip has "Shelter Me", a love ballad, playing over [[spoiler: Tom apparently betraying Ellen for Caitlin]].
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Caitlin and Ashe's outfits, though the radio says they did kill members of a strip club.
%%* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: [[spoiler: [=McCoy=] and Ellen Aim]].
* SuddenSequelHeelSyndrome: Apparently, [=McCoy=], who tried to stop Tom from finding Ellen.
%%* TheVamp: Caitlin.
* WouldHitAGirl: In the trailer, Cody slaps Caitlin across the face.