'''''Repossessed''''' is a comedy film spoofing ''Film/TheExorcist''.

Seventeen years after [[CaptainErsatz Nancy Aglet's]] (Linda Blair) exorcism, she has settled down with her family and Father Jedediah Mayii (Leslie Nielsen) has peacefully retired. However, one night while watching TV with the family, Nancy begins to suspect that she's been possessed by Satan again. The (inept) Father Luke Brophy is called in to see it for himself, when Satan manifests himself once again. Along the way, naturally, HilarityEnsues. Especially in the form of a televangelist husband and wife who seek to televise Nancy's exorcism.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AffectionateParody: Of ''TheExorcist''. Including [[AdamWesting the possessed girl returning as self-parody]].
* AnalogyBackfire: In another part of Satan's [[LaughablyEvil humorous side]]:
-->'''Satan/Nancy''': Silly weak fool, putting so much faith in a god you've never even seen before.\\
'''Father Luke''': I don't need to see Him, for the Bible says that God created man in His own image.\\
'''Satan/Nancy''': Really? Then how do you explain Pee-Wee Herman?
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: "Father Luke was filled with many questions. Did he have what it took to be a priest? Should he have been a rabbi instead? After all, they do get Sundays off. And the question that nagged him the most: Why weren't there any Japanese players in the NBA?"
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Satan does it twice. The first time he does it to prove that he really is the devil. Then he does it again during the exorcism.
-->'''Satan:''' Aw come on. You've got just as many unsavory types up here! From those Domino Pizza delivery boys ''(looks directly at the camera)'' to that idiot in the back row who won't ''shut up'' during the movie!
** Another one happens earlier, thanks to a helpful nun:
-->''(the camera closes up on the office building where Father Luke is having is meeting; a nun sticks her head out the window)''\\
'''Nun''': Are you looking for Father Luke?\\
''(the camera nods "yes")''\\
'''Nun''': Wrong window! He's four windows to your right!\\
''(the camera moves in that direction)''
* BreastExpansion: Happens to a woman working out in the gym. At the end of the scene they blow up offscreen.
* ChangeTheUncomfortableSubject: With this exchange:
-->'''Nerd student''': Father Mayii?\\
'''Father Mayii''': Yes?\\
'''Nerd student''': Wasn't it hard to live with yourself after completely wimping out and allowing a wuss like Father Luke to go up against Satan all by himself? Didn't you feel like a piece of gutless, spineless primordial slime?\\
* {{Beat}}*\\
'''Father Mayii''': Next question.
* ChewingTheScenery: Nancy's kids seem to like to [[NoIndoorVoice shout a lot]].
-->'''Father Mayii:''' I said they were lovely children. [[LampshadeHanging At this point they had not yet taken acting lessons.]]
* CombatCommentator: JesseVentura and "Mean" Gene Okerlund appear as this for possessed Nancy's appearance on TV.
* CorruptChurch \ OnlyInItForTheMoney: As it turns out, Ernest and Fanny Weller are more interested in making money than spreading the good word.
* CurseCutShort:
-->'''Ernest Weller:''' Fu-Fu is a good dog.\\
''(He reaches out to pet Fanny's dog, but it fiercely barks at him)''\\
'''Ernest Weller:''' Why you little shi-!\\
''(Audience gasps)''\\
'''Ernest Weller:''' ...[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Tzu. Shih Tzu.]]\\
''(Audience sighs with relief)''
* DemonicPossession
* DistractedByTheSexy: So much for adhering strictly to your vow of celibacy, eh, Father Mayii?
* DreadfulMusician: During the televised exorcism, Fanny Weller's singing is ''so'' bad they end up ''losing'' pledge money.
* FanserviceExtra: Twice used, by the "Bimbo Student" (played by future [[{{Playboy}} Playmate]] Melissa Moore) and some unnamed extras at the gym.
* FauxHorrific: Nancy says split pea soup will be one of the courses of their dinner, and then [[CallBack ominous music plays]]. Nancy looks around confusedly when that happens.
* HoistByTheirOwnPetard: Father Mayii opens their rematch by vomiting all over the devil.
* IAlwaysWantedToSayThat: Nancy does a Barbara Walters imitation followed by that line.
* ImNotADoctorButIPlayOneOnTV: One of the doctors at the hospital is an actor, and when Nancy talks to him he says the trope name.
* LaughablyEvil: Satan seems to switch between being the "King of All that is Evil" and an amusing source of celebrity gossip and political satire.
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: When Father Luke approaches the now-fully-possessed Nancy, eerie and ominous music begins to play. Then Luke turns off his voice recorder, and the music stops.
* MultinationalTeam: With one TV camera, Father Luke manages to rally every religious leader in the world. Much to his own surprise, they don't waste any time in getting to the studio.
* MyGreatestFailure: Spoofed:
-->'''Nancy''': What I'm about to show you, I swore to never show anyone. ''(hands Father Luke a piece of paper)''\\
'''Father Luke''': "High School Debating Champion"?
* ThePowerOfRock: What finally drives the devil away.
* PunnyName: This happens to Father Mayii a couple of times:
-->'''Father Luke''' ''(upon visiting)'': Father Mayii?\\
'''Father Mayii:''' Yes, you may.
** And then:
--->'''Satan/Nancy''' ''(challenging Father Mayii to another showdown or he'll keep Nancy's soul)'': What do you say, Mayii?\\
'''Father Mayii:''' No! No, you may not!
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Satan/Nancy taunts Father Luke with one of these: "I know all about you, and why you really joined the Church. Oh sure, they have a great dental plan, but you had no talents, your skills were totally untrainable, and your SAT scores were only 400. So you only had two options: either working in the Church, or [working in] the U.S. Senate."
* ReferenceOverdosed: In a foreshadowing of what parody movies would become. For instance, at a certain point, Father Luke is introduced to Fathers Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
* RockMeAsmodeus: Subverted.
-->'''Possessed Nancy''': I hate rock n' roll!
* SelfDeprecation: Linda Blair doing a comedic version of her most well-known role certainly counts.
* SilenceYouFool: Said by Satan once.
* StaircaseTumble: Father Mayii suffers an unfeasibly long one in the opening.
* TheSting: Used once Nancy says the dinner is pea soup (as both a CallBack to the VomitIndiscretionShot of ''TheExorcist''... and a foreshadowing of what's to come).
* TrainingMontage: Father Mayii goes through one in preparation for his showdown with Satan (Which includes rapid cross-signing).
* VisualPun: "The word on the street is your ministry is history." And the words show up on the road right after the televangelists' limo drives by.
* VomitIndiscretionShot: Expected given it's an ''Exorcist'' parody. But [[VulgarHumor used really often.]]
* WhatTheHeckIsAnAglet: The protagonist's children ask why their surname is Aglet.
* YourMom: "Don't take a look at this picture of your mother in bed with [[UsefulNotes/{{Panama}} Manuel Noriega]]!"