''Race to World First'' is an independent documentary film released in 2011. It depicts the ongoing competition among the world's greatest WorldOfWarcraft guilds to defeat the most challenging bosses before anyone else.

The film is comprised of interviews, game footage and webcam testimonials from several top guilds, including Method (EU), Adept (Australia), For the Horde (Germany), Карфаген (Russia), and Ensidia (EU). The real stars, however, are Blood Legion, a US-based team eager to compete on the international stage. All six are anxious to defeat Paragon, the Finnish {{Super Soldier}}s who nabbed the top spot earlier that year, next to whom Blood Legion look like a RagtagBunchOfMisfits.

With its focus on the human beings who moonlight as the planet's greatest slayers of internet dragons, [=RtWF=] aims to explain the challenge and the allure of competitive raiding to an audience who may never have played an online game. Helping to this end are Scott Johnson, Willie "Dills" Gregory, and Mark "LetsPlay/{{Turpster}}" Turpin of the [=WoW=] podcast ''The Instance''.