->''"Sex, drugs, and rock & roll... nothing ever changes."''
-->--{{Tagline}} from one of the [=DVD=] boxes

->''"Look, I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a Mod, see?"''

TheMovie based on Music/TheWho's ConceptAlbum ''Music/{{Quadrophenia}}''.

There's plenty of overlap, but several tropes are exclusive to the movie.

* TheAce: Ace Face, at first.
* ActuallyPrettyFunny: When Ace Face nonchalantly pays his fine in court, even the rockers laugh.
* AdaptationExpansion: Most of the film actually takes place before the riots in Brighton.
* DownerEnding: Jimmy steals Ace's scooter and heads out to Beachy Head, riding close to the cliff-edge. Finally, he crashes the scooter over a cliff, which is where the film begins, with Jimmy walking back from the cliff-top with a sunset back drop - now unemployed and homeless.
* IHaveNoSon: Jimmy's mother says this when she kicks him out.
* LargeHam: Phil Daniels as Jimmy.
* LowerClassLout: The [[GreaserDelinquents Teddy boys]]. The [[ScooterRidingMod Mods]] are little better.
* MaleFrontalNudity: One scene takes place in a public bath.
* TraumaCongaLine: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvuArP4wdJM First Jimmy gets arrested in Brighton, only to get kicked out of his parents' house, lose his job, his girlfriend, his mates, gets his scooter wrecked and eventually finds out his idol, Ace Face, is nothing more than a common bellboy.]]