''Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil'' is a SlasherMovie from 1992.

Father Jonas, a [[SinisterMinister psychopathic priest]] who seeks to 'save' what he perceives as dirty and tainted, kills two Hamilton High students during the prom night of 1957 (the same night [[Film/HelloMaryLouPromNightII Mary Lou burned to death]], talk about a bad night). After several failed attempts to help him, the church places him in a sedated coma. Over three decades later, he awakens and promptly continues his mission to kill sinners.

!!This film has the examples of:

* AgonyOfTheFeet: Mark eludes Jonas by climbing to the roof, but is then stabbed through his foot, which sends him sliding down.
* AutoErotica: Featured in the opening where two youths leave the prom to have some good time in a backseat of a car. Father Jonas then appears as the mood killer.
* BerthaInTheAttic: Father Jonas was kept tied to a bed beneath a church before he got loose.
* TheCavalryArrivesLate: The police and the church representatives arrive at the scene after Meagan defeats Father Jonas.
%%* ChristianityIsCatholic
* ContinuityNod: Hamilton High is not the main location of the film, but it does appear twice.
* DoesNotLikeShoes: After awakening from his catatonic state, Father Jonas spends rest of the movie barefeet.
* EyeAwaken: After being defeated by Meagan and placed in an ambulance, the unconscious Father Jonas opens his eyes dramatically.
* FauxYay: Laura plays at getting intimate with poor Meagan to test if she's gay.
* FinalGirl: Genre-wise, Meagan got lucky for holding on to her virginity.
* ImpaledPalm: Father Jonas has [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stigmata stigmata]], which fuels his religious fanaticism.
* TheIngenue: Meagan is a good, innocent Catholic girl--and Laura teases her for it.
* KissOfDeath: Father Jonas kisses Jeff before lifting him up and crushing his skull.
* LingerieScene: Provided by Meagan and Laura as they prepare for their graduation party.
* LivingStatue: After Father Jonas finishes his prayer at the church in the prologue and leaves, a statue of Jesus turns its head.
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Father Jonas, who is either [[AxCrazy murderously psychotic]] or [[DemonicPossession actually possessed]]. Considering how nonchalantly he crushes a guy's head with his bare hands (not to mention being able to get up and just keep killing after being in a coma for thirty or so years), probably the latter.
* {{Mooning}}: Jeff moons the Hamilton High prom attendees as he and his friends ride a limousine to Mark's parents' summer place.
* NeckLift: Father Jonas lifts Jonathan by the neck before killing him.
* NumberedSequels: With a subtitle.
%%* OffscreenTeleportation
* OnceIsNotEnough: After temporarily blinding Father Jonas, Meagan runs away to get the revolver.
* PsychoticSmirk: Father Jonas smirks at Mark before he starts pursuing him through the house.
* TheScourgeOfGod: Father Jonas specifically targets "whores and sinners", so that he can deliver their souls to Jesus Christ.
* SequelHook: Father Jonas [[NotQuiteDead is alive]], and as he opens his eyes, so does Meagan, hinting a connection of some kind between them.
* ShovelStrike: Meagan seemingly defeats Father Jonas by whacking him repeatedly with a shovel, and then trapping him in the burning woodshed by using it to jam the door.
* ShowerScene: Provided by Laura after she has had sex with Jeff.
%%* SlashedThroat: Lisa has her throat slit.
* StockFootage: Several of the 1957 prom scenes from [[Film/HelloMaryLouPromNightII the second film]] are recycled, as well as an establishing shot of Hamilton High from [[Film/PromNightIIITheLastKiss the third film]].
* WeaponOfChoice: Father Jonas's sharpened cross.