'''''Prom Night III: The Last Kiss''''' is 1990 horror comedy film.

Unlike the other ''Prom Night'' films, this installment is a continuation of the previous film.

After Mary-Lou escapes from Hell, she begins dating a student named Alex, offering her special brand of skills (read: murder) to help him through high school. But when he tries to break off with her, all hell breaks loose (literally).

!!This film has the examples of:
* [[spoiler: TheBadGuyWins]]
* BlackComedy: And HOW!
* BoyMeetsGhoul
* [[spoiler: DownerEnding]]
* ImpaledPalm: Before killing Mr. Walker, Mary-Lou pins his hands on a table with ice cream cones.
* JerkJock: Andrew.
* LoveTriangle: Alex is dating both Sarah and Mary-Lou.
* MsFanservice: Mary-Lou's appearances have her wearing all sorts of skimpy outfits.
* NumberedSequels
* SlidingScaleOfComedyAndHorror: Contrasting with the other ''Prom Night'' films, ''The Last Kiss'' is a comedy horror film.
* {{Stripperific}}: Mary-Lou seems to enjoy conjuring up these outfits, appearing as a [[NakedApron baker]], [[NaughtyNurseOutfit nurse]] and [[FairCop cop]].
* StockFootage: Shots of Mary Lou's grave are lifted from the second film.
* ThisIsADrill: Mary-Lou kills Andrew with a football that turns into a drill.
* YouLookFamiliar: Brock Simpson, who played Josh in the previous film (and young Nick in the original), appears as Larry.
* YourCheatingHeart: Alex has a girlfriend, Sarah, ''before'' he meets Mary-Lou. It doesn't stop him from sleeping with her.