'''Progress Island, U.S.A.''' is a 1973 Promotional short that extols the benefits of traveling, living and starting your business in UsefulNotes/PuertoRico. Interestingly, the short repeatedly highlights the similarities of Puerto Rico to the rest of the United States. The film was made encouraging businesses to take advantage of Project Bootstrap.

(And in a mild subversion, Project Bootstrap really ''did'' help Puerto Rico modernize and made it one of the wealthiest Caribbean isles.)

Compare with [[Film/AssignmentVenezuela Assignment: Venezuela]], another Latin-American travelogue short.

For the ''MysteryScienceTheater3000'' version, please go to the [[Recap/MysteryScienceTheater3000S06E21TheBeastOfYuccaFlats episode recap page]].

!!Progress Island, U.S.A. contains the following tropes:

* InsistentTerminology: Throughout the short, the narrator refers to Puerto Rico as Progress Island.
* TheSeventies
* {{Zeerust}}:
** Record players and DEC PDP-11 computers are highlighted as products of Puerto Rico's cutting edge industry.
** Of note is what is perhaps a sculpture of a transistor outside of DEC's factory.